Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM Megapixel IP Dome Security Camera System

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  • Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM 12ch Megapixel Dome IP Security Camera System
  • Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM supports advanced mobile viewing on tablets and smart phones
  • Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM Samsung Indoor Megapixel IP Dome Camera
  • Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM Samsung IR Vandal Megapixel IP Dome Cameras
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Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM is a powerful and expandable Twelve (12) channel IP Security Camera System for professional IP Surveillance applications. The Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM IP Camera System includes the A2Z Pro Series PC NVR system and the latest Aimetis NVR Software.  The Aimetis NVR Software is industry leading VMS (video management software) solution that delivers unsurpassed IP Camera System operation. The Aimetis is a server, client based solution, with web browser and mobile applications. Both Sophisticated to ultra-convenient Video Monitoring, search, playback and export functions enable IP Camera System management like never before.  The superior Aimetis Symphony Client software allows complete server management and can also provide CMS level monitoring of multiple servers at multiple sites. The Aimetis NVR Software provided is standard software licenses; CMS support is added with Professional level licenses and industry leading Aimetis developed Video Analytics are available with the Enterprise level Software. The Aimetis Systems flexibility is further realized by the fact that camera license can be added or upgraded as needed on a per camera basis. Mobile device support is added with the mobile bridge option and allows clients to connect with IPad, IPhone and Android Devices. The AS1-IP-SYSTEM Aimetis Megapixel HD IP Camera System is based on a powerful PC NVR and NVR software both of the finest grade.
The Aimetis Samsung Megapixel IP Dome Security Camera System AS1-IP-SYSTEM is a twelve (12) camera system that includes eight (8) Samsung SND-5011 1.3 Megapixel Dome Camera for professional indoor IP Surveillance. The Samsung SND-5011 deliver superior resolution formats like 1.3 Megapixel and 720P HD in full real-time 30fps with MPJEG and H.264 codec options. The discreet indoor Samsung Dome Security Camera provides a superb wide angle lens able to cover a full 90 degree shot. The Dome cameras are also enhanced with Digital Day/Night, SSNR (DNR), Sens-up and other image settings. In addition, Four (4) Samsung SNV-5080R 1.3 Megapixel Vandal Proof IR IP Dome Security Cameras are included for strict outdoor IP Surveillance. The Samsung SNV-5080R Megapixel Vandal IR Dome Camera is a rugged IP66 weatherproof unit built to withstand high impact, tampering and harsh weather. The Vandal Dome delivers true day/night operation with integrated IR (infrared) LEDs for perfect night vision. Superior camera versatility, multiple mounting options, enhanced video imaging, and PoE Support are just some of the common features of the Samsung SNV-5080R IR Vandal IP Dome Cameras. All Cameras support PoE for simple camera system installation. The IP camera system is a complete package with Aimetis PC NVR (Network Video Recorder) including on-board storage, Samsung IP Dome Cameras, PoE Network Switch and Network Cabling. All of our ip security camera systems offer modification options and our experts are happy to assist you in making the changes you require.

Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM Main Features:

  • Aimetis Symphony Licensed 12ch PC NVR System (Rack Mount optional)
  • Aimetis Symphony provides superior Client Software, Web Browser and Mobile interfaces.
  • Aimetis Symphony Mobile Viewing is supported on Smart Phones and Tablets like Android, IPhone and IPad.
  • Flexible System Supports Expansion with licenses sold per camera and upgrades to Video Analytics Any-time.
  • Aimetis Optional Annual Software Assurance Plans are available.
  • Aimetis is a highly advanced security solution with countless other features and industry wide support.
  • Includes 4TB for Video Storage - Enterprise Level Hard Drives
  • High Grade PC NVR System with i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, W7 Pro OS on SSD Drive and all other quality features.
  • (8) Samsung SND-5011 1.3 Megapixel IP Dome Cameras.
  • (4) Samsung SNV-5080R 1.3 Megapixel Vandal Proof IR IP Dome Security Cameras
  • System includes One 24 Port PoE Network Switch and Network Cabling.
  • All System offer customized options and our experts are available to assist you.

Aimetis Samsung AS1-IP-SYSTEM Includes:

  • One (1) A2Z Pro Series PC NVR System (Rack Mount version optional)
  • - PC NVR System includes 100% High Grade Components for reliable high performance
  • - PC NVR System includes Twelve (12) Standard Aimetis Camera Licenses upgradeable/expandable anytime.
  • - PC NVR System Includes Aimetis Mobile Bridge Server for supporting mobile devices.
  • - PC NVR System Includes 4TB Enterprise Hard Drive Storage
  • Eight (8) Samsung SND-5011 1.3 Megapixel IP Dome Security Cameras.
  • Four (4) Samsung SNV-5080R 1.3 Megapixel Vandal Proof IR IP Dome Security Cameras
  • One (1) Brand Name 24 Port Full PoE L2 Network Switches with Dual GB uplink.
  • Three (3) 1000ft Spools of CCA CAT6 Network Cabling.
  • RJ-45 Connectors included upon request.
  • Standard On-going A2Z Customer Tech Support Included
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