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Roof Mount Tilting Pneumatic Telescopic Mast Lighting Systems

  • Roof Mount Tilting Pneumatic Mast Lighting Tower Systems Dual Tilt
  • A2Z RLS Roof Mount Tilting Mast Lighting Towers
  • Roof Mount Tilting Mast Lighting Tower Systems
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Product Description

A2Z's RLS Roof Mount Tilting Telescopic Mast Lighting Systems deliver high performance scene or area lighting include quality construction and are compact, convenient as well as competitively priced! These roof mount tilting tower solutions are designed to adapt with all sorts of demands and are most commonly used on vehicles or applications where minimum system size when stored is desired. Standard units can provide anywhere from five and a half feet (5.5ft) to fifteen feet (15ft) yet even large packages up to an impressive thirty feet (30ft or 9 meters) of elevated lift are offered. Fully Integrated these systems often utilize pneumatic mast and feature built-in pump systems and mast tilting mechanisms. They further support a modular array of Lighting Fixtures plus offer various innovative pan/tilt functions such as dual tilt, preset positions or endless rotation. In fact, A2Z's Experts can help you customize your lighting solution to incorporate simple to advanced add-ons such as Audio with options like Public Address Speakers to Video with Thermal or Visible IR PTZ Cameras. Even Sensors, Communications and other equipment customizations are all possible.

A2Z RLS Lighting Mast Tower Features:

  • Superior Selection with standard compact models from 5ft to 15ft Lift
  • Specialized SRLS Supreme models commonly offer elevations of 20ft up to 30ft but can achieve more
  • From a few thousand lumens to hundreds of thousands of lumens for super bright lighting
  • Visible Scene and Area Lighting to Emergency Strobes, Signal Lights or IR (Infrared)
  • Superb payload weight capacities including units for small 20 lbs. to 1000 lbs.
  • Produced with top grade materials including aircraft grade aluminum
  • Diverse range of Functions including Auto-run to Multi-Directional Tilt
  • Single to Multi-Fixture Halogen or LED Lighting with fully remote positioning
  • Flexible builds with 12V or 24V DC power input as well as 110V or 220V AC powered units
  • Weatherproof Design for Harsh Environments
  • Wide selection of Accessory and customized options for the perfect total package
  • Customized Video (i.e. Cameras, PTZ Cameras), Audio - Public Address, Wireless Communications Add-ons and More

More About Room Mount Tilting Telescopic Mast:
For roof mounted tilting telescoping lighting systems, the adaptability of A2Z's platforms rivals any and provides a compact, easy to operate solution that is reliable, highly effective yet priced competitively. Systems built entirely to support 12V or 24V DC help minimize project requirements by allowing many systems to operate on the standard electrical and battery system of a vehicle while alternatively those applications including a generator set, inverter or shore power can utilize 110v to 220V AC powered models. Typical Lighting packages of DC powered models support from 15,000 to 30,000 and up to 60,000 lumens. AC models can exceed over 100,000 lumens even many times for some serious scene and area lighting.

As aforementioned A2Z standard roof mount tilting towers are compact and so their low-profile design when stored makes them an ideal solution even for smaller vehicles such as a station wagon, van or a SUV roof. There isn't necessarily any restriction beyond imagination and good structural integrity for how such units can be applied, they can fit inside a standard full-size Truck bed, they could even be attached to your yacht or any sizeable motor boat but of course are most commonly spotted in use for or purchased for emergency response applications. The compact systems are a game changer for first responders and police vehicles as such vehicles are typically already over-packed with equipment and so using a small portion of the roof space is sometimes all the space that’s left to work with anyway.

A2Z Roof Mounted Tilting Telescopic Lighting Towers provide professional results and their benefits for security, surveillance, safety, emergency response, disaster relief and more are evident. Contact A2Z's experts today to locate the best system for your fixed or mobile scene and area lighting missions.


Last Updated: January 20th, 2020

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