Aimetis Samsung AS3-IP-SYSTEM 3 Megapixel HD IP Security Camera System

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  • Aimetis Samsung AS3-IP-SYSTEM is a complete 24ch  Megapixel HD IP Security Camera System
  • Aimetis Samsung AS3-IP-SYSTEM supports mobile viewing
  • AS3-IP-SYSTEM Samsung indoor 3 Megapixel IP Dome Camera
  • AS3-IP-SYSTEM Samsung outdoor 3 Megapixel IR Bullet Security Camera
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Aimetis Samsung AS3-IP-SYSTEM is a high performance 24 channel Megapixel HD IP Camera System for professional grade IP surveillance in a variety of applications. The AS3-IP-SYSTEM is a powerful combination of Aimetis NVR Software on our Pro series PC NVR System paired with industry leading Samsung Megapixel HD IP Cameras. The Aimetis PC NVR system is comprised of the world class Aimetis VMS software and a high grade PC NVR System for highly intelligent and versatile IP Video Security. The PC NVR System is built to above standard performance and both it and the Aimetis Software deliver and easily scalable system. The Aimetis NVR Software offers simple software licensing with cost being on a per camera level, with no base charge and additional cameras can be added at any time. The Software is then sold in a standard full feature license, a professional license which supports multi-server, multi-site architecture and the enterprise license for superior Video Analytics. Not only can software be expanded but individually licenses can be upgraded to meet project needs. Aimetis is one of the industry most innovative NVR solutions with a highly sophisticated platform that is simple to operate and convenient to use. Software options for annual software upgrade plans, LPR (license plate recognition) and Mobile device support is also available.
Aimetis Samsung AS3-IP-SYSTEM is a 24ch complete Megapixel HD Security Camera System with high end PC NVR System, storage, Samsung Megapixel HD IP Cameras, network cabling and PoE Switch. The system benefits also greatly thanks to the high performance Samsung 3 Megapixel IP Dome Cameras and Bullet Cameras. The default configuration of this system includes Sixteen (16) SND-7061 Domes and Eight (8) SNO-7080R IR Bullet Cameras for a total of twenty four (24) Samsung IP Cameras. The Samsung SND-7061 provides an ultra-high definition indoor IP Dome Camera capable of high frame rate 20fps in full 3 Megapixel resolution. The Samsung SND-7061 includes a variety of the best features such as H.264 or MJPEG multi-codec streaming, Varifocal Lens, SSNR (DNR), Electronic Day/Night with Sens-up, PoE Support and countless other on board benefits. Likewise the Samsung SNO-7080R Megapixel IR IP Bullet Cameras provide a superior outdoor solution with integrated IR LED, infrared illumination and a solid weatherproof construction. In addition to the Samsung SND-7061's features the Samsung SNO-7080R Megapixel IR Bullet Camera also features WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), SSNRIII (2D+3D DNR) and a variety of other image settings to ensure absolute clarity regardless of lighting conditions. The AS3-IP-SYSTEM is a highly flexible system even after installation, if you need design changes our experts are available to customize any system to suite your needs.

Aimetis Samsung AS3-IP-SYSTEM Main Features:

  • Aimetis Symphony Licensed 24ch PC NVR System (Rack Mount optional)
  • Aimetis Symphony provides superior Client Software, Web Browser and Mobile interfaces.
  • Aimetis Symphony Mobile Viewing is supported on Smart Phones and Tablets like Android, IPhone and IPad.
  • Flexible System Supports Expansion with licenses sold per camera and upgrades to Video Analytics Any-time.
  • Aimetis Optional Annual Software Assurance Plans are available.
  • Aimetis is a highly advanced security solution with countless other features and industry wide support.
  • Includes 18TB for Video Storage - Enterprise Level Hard Drives
  • High Grade PC NVR System with i7 Processor, 12GB RAM, W7 Pro OS on SSD Drive and all other quality features.
  • (16) Samsung SND-7061 3 Megapixel HD IP Dome Cameras for superior indoor coverage
  • (8) Samsung SNO-7080R 3 Megapixel HD IR Bullet Cameras for absolute outdoor video security
  • System includes One 24 Port PoE Network Switch and Network Cabling.
  • All System offer customized options and our experts are available to assist you.

Aimetis Samsung AS3-IP-SYSTEM Includes

  • One (1) A2Z Pro Series PC NVR System (Rack Mount version optional)
  • - PC NVR System includes 100% High Grade Components for reliable high performance
  • - PC NVR System includes Twenty Four (24) Standard Aimetis Camera Licenses upgradeable/expandable anytime.
  • - PC NVR System Includes Aimetis Mobile Bridge Server for supporting mobile devices.
  • - PC NVR System Includes 18TB Enterprise Hard Drive Storage
  • Sixteen (16) SND-7061 3 Megapixel HD IP Dome Security Cameras.
  • Eight (8) SNO-7080R 3 Megapixel HD IR Bullet Security Cameras.
  • One (1) Brand Name 24 Port Full PoE L2 Network Switch with Dual GB uplink.
  • Six (6) 1000Ft Spools of CCA CAT6 Network Cabling
  • RJ-45 Connectors included upon request.
  • Standard On-going A2Z Customer Tech Support Included
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