Bosch DVR-5000-16A DIVAR AN 5000 16ch 960H 480fps

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  • Bosch DVR-5000-16A DIVAR AN 5000 16 channel 960H Digital Video Recorder 480fps
  • Bosch DVRs DIVAR AN 5000 and DIVAR AN 3000
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  • Bosch DVR DIVAR AN 5000 Remote Playback Software interface
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Bosch DIVAR AN 5000 DVR-5000-16A is a full featured, high performing 16 channel Digital Video Recorder for CCTV surveillance systems of all sorts. The BOSCH AN 5000 DIVAR employs the latest 960H (960 x 480 pixel) video recording for superior high resolution that also combines with H.264 video compression for truly efficient operation. Every popular function for hardware interfaces, local monitoring to remote viewing are included with sleek effectiveness. From Real-time video surveillance to the Bosch high grade quality, it is quickly apparent the latest DIVAR systems are versatile to all sorts of user as well as installer security system demands. Navigation for settings to all other primary functions enable powerful active and re-active CCTV video security.

Bosch DIVAR AN 5000 DVR-5000-16A Main Features:

  • 16 Channel 960H Real-time DVR
  • 960H (960 x 480) High Resolution is over 35% better than 4CIF of D1 systems
  • H.264 Compression with configurable 30fps per channel, total of 480fps
  • 1080P HD Display via HDMI and VGA output plus Spot Monitor output
  • Mobile support for Tablets and Smart Phones (iOS, Android)
  • Web Browser and DVR Client Software Remote Viewing
  • On-Board Support for 4 SATA HDDs or 2 SATA HDD and 1 DVD-RW
  • eSATA Connection and Looping BNC video output
  • 4 audio inputs, 1 audio output - 1 Microphone input for talk input/output
  • 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet RJ-45 port
  • RS-485/RS-232 Multi-Protocol PTZ control
  • Front Panel Control, IR Remote and USB Mouse / Keyboard support
  • Special Covert (Hidden) Channel
  • Alarm I/O 16 Sensor inputs and 5 Relay Outputs
  • Alarm/Error Notifications - FTP, EMAIL, On-Screen, Audible, Warning Light 
  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 16.5 x 2.8 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs approx. without HDDs or DVD


Bosch DIVAR AN 5000 High Performing:
Bosch DVR-5000-16A 16ch DIVAR AN 5000 delivers when it comes to CCTV Security Camera Systems and are the ideal choice for 700TVL, 800TVL or above CCTV security cameras. The units are capable of recording in the new 960H video standards offering more than thirty-five percent finer image detail when compared to previous (4CIF/D1) CCTV systems. The Bosch DIVAR AN 5000 further enables 480fps of real-time recording for all 16 channels and offers per channel frame rate configuration up to 30fps. The H.264 video compression to G.711A audio codec optimize bandwidth and storage requirements with significant file size reduction. The Bosch DIVAR AN 5000 continues the legacy of a professional series of high performance digital video recorders.

Bosch a Complete Video Management System:
Bosch 16ch DIVAR AN 5000 960H DVR is a complete CCTV surveillance system solution. It includes diverse local and remote monitoring options allowing both administrators to operators’ maximum convenience. The simultaneous local display via HDMI and VGA for true 1080P HD video to the full function front panel, included USB mouse, IR remote or even keyboard support offers users simplified and flexible system control options. The unit certainly allows all sorts of other local benefits some often over-looked like USB export and HDD storage support as well as DVD-RW to eSATA connections. Local Navigation for complete system settings is simplified in a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) while remote management applications enjoy the same friendly design with many abilities. Remote as well as Mobile viewing can be accessed at no extra cost, there is support for web browser or DVR Client software for PCs and free apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android devices.

Bosch DIVAR AN 5000 Professional Grade Integration:
Installations for simple or complex deployments will find the Bosch DIVAR DVR-5000-16A 16ch DVR is fully outfitted for nearly any task. The units include multiple monitor connections including spot monitor and looping BNC outputs for all channels while other options such as 4 channel input audio, 1ch speaker and 1ch specialized microphone function. The DIVAR AN 5000 is able to support up to four SATA Hard drives internally or Two Internal SATA Drives and one DVD-RW with field adaptability. Alarm I/O terminals including alarm notifications to multi-protocol PTZ Camera support with RS-485/RS-232 interface are all built-in. Truly a high grade CCTV solution this Linux video recorder offers the pro-security system qualities demanded by today's market.

DIVAR AN 5000 Models:

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; base unit No HDD or DVD

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; DVD No HDD

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; 1 TB HDD

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; 2 TB HDD

5000 960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; DVD; 1 TB HDD

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; DVD; 2 TB HDD
Order number DVR-5000-16A201

Optional Accessories:

DVR-XS050-A Storage expansion kit. 500 GB

DVR-XS100-A Storage expansion kit. 1 TB

DVR-XS200-A Storage expansion kit. 2 TB

DVR-XS300-A Storage expansion kit. 3 TB

DVR-XS400-A Storage expansion kit. 4 TB

DVR-XS-DVD DVD Writer Expansion kit


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