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Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 16ch 960H DVR-3000-16A 480fps

  • Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 16 channel 960H DVR-3000-16A
  • Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 and AN 5000 960H DVRs
  • Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 DVR Smart Phone Mobile Viewing App
  • Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 Remote Client Software Live View
  • Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 Remote Client Software Playback
  • Bosch DIVAR Remote Controller
  • Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 Rear DVR Panel
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Product Description

Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 is a powerful series of 960H Digital Video Recorders for professional CCTV video security systems. Employing the new level of 960 x 480 pixel video recording the units are the ideal match for security cameras in the 700TVL and above range. Designed as a sleek, high performing and feature rich device, it likewise offers a low cost surveillance solution fit for high grade CCTV requirements. The new Bosch DIVAR DVR-3000-16A 16 channel DVR systems provide the cutting-edge performance to monitoring functions demanded by modern users. Administrators to operators will enjoy simple yet effective units that allow easy configurations to user-friendly navigation for all surveillance systems tasks.

Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 DVR-3000-16A Main Features:

  • 16 Channel Real-time 960H DVR
  • 960H (960 x 480) High Resolution over 35% better than D1/4CIF
  • H.264 Compression with configurable 30fps per channel, total of 480fps
  • HDMI and VGA output with up to 1080P HD Display plus Spot Monitor output
  • Mobile Tablet and Smart Phone device support (iOS, Android)
  • Remote Viewing via Web Browser and DVR Client
  • Supports 2 SATA HDDs or 1 SATA HDD and 1 DVD-RW
  • 4 audio inputs, 1 audio output - 1 Microphone input for talk input/output
  • 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet RJ-45 port
  • RS-485/RS-232 Multi-Protocol PTZ control
  • Front Panel Control, IR Remote and USB Mouse support
  • Special Covert (Hidden) Channel
  • Alarm I/O 16 Sensor inputs and 3 Relay Outputs
  • Alarm/Error Notifications - FTP, EMAIL, On-Screen, Audible, Warning Light 
  • 14.8 x 11.4 x 2.0 inches not included Feet and Cabling (5 mm)
  • 5.51 lbs. approx. without Hard Disk and DVD


Bosch Performance:
DIVAR AN 3000 Digital Video Recorders provide real-time video recording and the Bosch 16ch DVR-300016A achieves a full 960H high resolution at 30fps per channel. That equates for up to 480fps and image quality that is over thirty percent better than traditional D1/4CIF CCTV security systems. H.264 compression is also certainly included and the device therefore promises efficient storage requirements to remote viewing. The audio performance is also effective with G.711A codec, 4ch Audio input, 1ch Audio Output and 1ch Microphone bidirectional talk support all with RCA connectors plus flexible utilization.

Comprehensive Video Management:
The Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 DVR-3000-16A delivers the local and remote monitoring requirements demanded by today's market. On-site the units employ a range of control options and provide various display selections including HDMI and VGA outputs supporting 1080P HD video to spot monitor output. Controlling the units locally is also versatile with front panel push-button operation, USB mouse support and even an included IR Remote Control.
Remote Monitoring is also fully accommodated, users get wide functionality via Bosch Video Client (web browser) or DVR Client Software for live view, camera control, search, playback and even system configuration. Bosch Archive Player provides export options that also check the validity of files by Watermark function and Mobile viewing is supplied for live video and PTZ camera control. Support for Both Android and Apple devices like iPhone or iPad, tablets and smart phones is available free as the DIVAR viewer Application.

Feature Rich Integration, Easy Installation:
Numerous other benefits can be located on this sleek 16 channel Digital Video Recorder. Some of those advantages are Alarm I/O, RS-485/RS-232 ports, USB Export to optional DVD-RW. Sixteen Alarm inputs plus 3 Relay outputs give plenty of room for device integration, while RS-485/RS-232 with multi-protocol support ensures PTZ Cameras from various brands can operate seamlessly. All sorts of desirable qualities are found in this cost effective, low profile unit, such as a variety of Alarm or Error Notification methods, Dual SATA HDD support or 1 SATA and 1 DVD drive options for project customization. The Bosch DIVAR AN 3000 DVR-3000-16A carries on the Bosch DVR legacy with a state-of-the-art product that is sure to please.

DIVAR AN 3000 Available 16ch Models:

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; base unit
Order number DVR-3000-16A000

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; DVD
Order number DVR-3000-16A001

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; 1 TB HDD
Order number DVR-3000-16A100

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; DVD; 1 TB HDD
Order number DVR-3000-16A101

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; 2 TB HDD
Order number DVR-3000-16A200

960H/RT digital recorder 16 channels; DVD; 2 TB HDD
Order number DVR-3000-16A201

Optional Accessories:

DVR-XS050-A Storage expansion kit. 500 GB

DVR-XS100-A Storage expansion kit. 1 TB

DVR-XS200-A Storage expansion kit. 2 TB

DVR-XS300-A Storage expansion kit. 3 TB

DVR-XS400-A Storage expansion kit. 4 TB

DVR-XS-DVD DVD Writer Expansion kit

Last Updated November 25, 2014

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