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A2Z RPSC and RP series Wireless Camera Systems also provide a market leading array of License Plate Capture Cameras with optional License Plate Reader or Recognition Software choices. These unique Wireless Camera Systems include like other A2Z Specialized surveillance systems a wide range of optional configurations. Truly modular by design, A2Z's RPSC-LPC, RPSC-LPR, RP-LPC and RP-LPR systems provide everything from general purpose security and strict site security to traffic monitoring on open roads and highways. These A2Z Wireless Camera Systems can provide totally stand-alone surveillance or act as an extension of existing systems, practically covering any conceivable need for applications that have a temporary utility power or constant utility power source and simply seek rugged power back-up. Fully outdoor ready and with traffic grade construction, these high performance systems, deliver simplified units with "plug and play" deployment of advanced surveillance and security system technology to any organization, agency or otherwise, anywhere. Low Cost, to the industry's most advanced, A2Z Wireless Camera Systems will deliver you Remote Surveillance second to none.

A2Z RPSC-LPC / RP-LPC Main Features:

1080P HD and higher, High Contrast License Plate Capture for reflective plates
4MP HD and Higher Over-view Surveillance Cameras
Multi-Lane Coverage including Medium Speed and High Speed Models
Short to Medium Range, Medium to Long Range and Extra-Long Range Options
Edge-Recording Options (on-Camera) and Edge-Recorder (DVR/NVR) Options for stand-alone operation
High Throughput, Low Latency Wireless Communications such as Point-to-Point Radio Links
Support for Hard-wired Integration to Fiber Uplink All possible
4G and other Wireless Communication options for RP-LPC or RPSC-LPC only available with NVR on-board.
RP Series offers all-in-one, Traffic Grade Enclosure with AC Voltage input
RPSC Series offers all-in-one, Traffic Grade Enclosure with AC Voltage Input, Self-Charging and Battery Bank Back-up

A2Z RPSC-LPR / RP-LPR Main Features:

License Plate Recognition or Reader kits include all of the above options except requires
- A2Z Rugged open-platform NVR or capable License Plate Recognition Camera
- Software License(s) for License Plate Recognition or LPR Video Analytics  
Total LPR system benefits from low bandwidth data transmission suitable and often used with 4G LTE
Smart "back-end" management like Real-time Alerts of Hot list, Searchable Databases, Historic Evidence, GPS locating and more


Police, Sheriff, Border Patrol, Federal, State or Local Law Enforcement
Private Properties & Ranches
High Security and Restricted Sites, Military Bases
Education Campuses, Large Retail Lots, Dealership Car Lots
Storage Facilities, RV and Car Storage Lots, Marinas
Parking Lot Security and Management
Critical Infrastructure Water Plants, Power Plants, Electrical Sub Stations
Bridges, Dams, Toll Roads, Streets, Highways, etc.

A2Z License Plate Capture Cameras:
The RP and RPSC series like other A2Z specialty surveillance systems deliver the industry's widest selection of professional grade surveillance and security cameras. The RP/RPSC-LPC/LPR series modular wireless camera systems include a broad set of powerful A2Z License Plate Capture Cameras as well as can support many third party License Plate Capture IP Cameras. Absolutely users achieve HD 1080P video or better and the majority of systems include the traditional over-view cameras and dedicated plate camera or cameras. With 1080P, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP and so on License plate Cameras as well as Over-view Cameras A2Z's systems provide vivid plate capture and optional high accuracy LPR software platforms. Plate Capture abilities ranging from short range to a 100ft or more are all commonly available and systems can likewise provide single to multi-lane coverage. Contact the A2Z Experts today and find out more about which configurations may suite your needs best.

A2Z License Plate Recognition (Reader) Software:
These A2Z Specialized Surveillance Systems as well as other A2Z special system types provide an open platform, modular design. In this case it allows third party LPR Software in addition to nearly any VMS or NVR software platform. Solutions for simple license plate reader with database to advanced, real-time alerts and hot list functioning as part of a larger scale system or operation are all doable. Thus be it an extension of existing security systems for simply capturing license plates or be it a self-contained unit for reading plates, recording independently while serving Data and alerts via wireless to a central command; these solutions present innovative abilities for the next generation in surveillance, security and law enforcement. Units with on-board processing use A2Z Rugged PC NVR Systems including scalable storage and again open-platform support!

A2Z Wireless Cameras Systems Communications:
The A2Z RP and RPSC provide a vast selection of wireless communications choices. Units may include a single or multiple radios allowing for simple to sophisticated wireless transmission needs. Stand-alone systems often embody 4G cellular uplink while all solutions can also include PTP or PTMP wireless choices like WiFi, 4.9Ghz, 900Mhz, 3Ghz, 5Ghz or otherwise. Short range to long-range communications for many miles is all possible including support for fiber input to customized satellite communications for the most remote deployments. Best of all the A2Z Experts are available to help you acquire systems to conquer any challenge. We can deliver perks like Encryption to redundancy and provide friendly, highly technical customer service.

A2Z Specialized Power Systems RP and RPSC:
A2Z experts for over a decade have produced state-of-the-art remote surveillance systems that generally always require innovative and often alternative energy power solutions. The A2Z RP "Remote Power" and RPSC "Remote Power Self-Charging" Wireless Camera Systems are rugged outdoor ready remote surveillance systems designed for many such applications. The RP "Remote Power" series are a variety of systems offering single voltage input for simplified all-in-one, remotely deployable wireless security camera kits that are cost effective, strip power back-ups yet are upgradeable to do so. The RPSC series is the core line with intelligent, automated multi-stage Charging for scalable battery back-up enabling redundant operation for critical applications or enabling 24-hour operation when installed on light poles specifically such as those only having utility power at night like most parking lots. Thus the A2Z RPSC series is an adaptive or modular solution platform geared to conquer everything about remote safety, security and surveillance systems.

Alternate Systems:
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Last Updated January 5, 2017

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