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MOOG GeminEye Dual PTZ Camera GVS GTS GVTS

  • MOOG EXO GeminEye PTZ Camera System
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye Dual PTZ Camera
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye Dual PTZ Camera Series
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye PTZ Modular Camera Block
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye Spec 1
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye Spec 2
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye Spec 3
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye Spec 4
  • MOOG EXO GeminEye Spec 5
  • MOOG GeminEye Modular PTZ Cameras
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Product Description

MOOG GeminEye GVS-S11 CCTV PTZ Camera is a Modular Imaging System developed for top tier, mobile ready surveillance in a compact, more affordable and highly intelligent design. The PTZ System is available in CCTV and IP Camera versions plus MOOG GeminEye supports single or dual head configurations with a true plug and play operation for modules. These units support Visual and Thermal Infrared Modules to accessories like IR LED Illuminators for an absolute all-in-one solution. Engineered to meet the demands of practically every possible installation such as port security, perimeter protection, mobile surveillance, maritime, utility security to city wide surveillance or otherwise.

The CCTV MOOG GeminEye PTZ Security Camera System includes support for single or dual modules like the following. A visual unit as GVB-S10 for 28x or GVB-S11 for 36x optical zoom offer true day/night performance including WDR and other advanced image enhancements for superior video surveillance. The unit can be operated with a single module and easily upgraded at any time without the need for change in system settings. The second head can provide a dual sensor functionality using a variety of Thermal Infrared Modules like the GTB-F10 and GTB-F11 series or alternatively an IR Illuminator Module can be supported from the GIB-LU models. From absolute IR Night Vision to Long range detection with Thermal Infrared the unit is able to provide the world’s highest levels of security and surveillance. High Resolution Thermal Imaging and even HD visual systems (IP versions) are available.

On top of an intelligent modular design, superior image performance with diverse Pan/Tilt/Zoom control options is the PTZ system's truly rugged construction. Rated to IP67 weatherproof standards and MIL standard specifications, the device can handle extremely harsh weather including temperatures to -40 degrees. Furthermore the solution is pressurized, includes heater plus fan, and is made from a corrosion resistant material with powder coat finish that is available in alternate colors upon request. Precision accuracy, durability and long life expectancy combine with a modular PTZ imaging system for top tier surveillance and security in nearly any environment. Low voltage DC power input also enables the GeminEye to easily adapt to all sorts of mobile surveillance applications. Contact the A2Z Experts for more information and assistance in selecting the best fit Pan/Tilt/Zoom System for your project.

MOOG GeminEye Main Features:

  • MODULAR DESIGN for Quick-Connect Accessory/Camera Blocks
  • CCTV High Resolution 28x and 36x Visible D/N Zoom Module (Optional IP HD Megapixel Versions)
  • CCTV/IP Thermal Infrared Imager w/Low and High Res plus various Lens Options.
  • IR LED Illuminator Accessory Head for near or far infrared night vision
  • Single or Dual Head Operations, no setting adjustments needed for quick "plug and play"
  • Precision Accuracy, High Speed Movement, Presets,
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom On-board Controller including Pelco D (RS-485) or Network Control support
  • Military Grade Mil-STD-810F and Weatherproof IP67 (Certified), Sealed Pressurized Camera Modules
  • Corrosion Resistant, Powder Coated (color options), M56 Random vibration resistant, Salt/Fog MIL-STD-810F, Meth 509.4
  • Variety of Mounting Kits optional, Upright, Inverter, Mobile mount types supported.
  • Power Input: 10-30VDC (2.5 AMP at 24VDC MAX Pan/Tilt)
  • Operating Range: -40˚ to 122˚F (-40˚ to 50˚C)
  • Weight: About 22 lbs (10 kg) w/dual cameras


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