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A2Z MMST-AZ1QP Quad HD PTZ 4G Solar Surveillance Trailer

  • A2Z MMST-AZ1QP Quad PTZ 4G Solar Surveillance Trailer
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Product Description

A2Z MMST-AZ1QP series Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailer unveils the next generation in innovative, highly adaptable & conveniently portable surveillance systems. Designed and produced by the A2Z Experts, these solutions provide customized security and surveillance anywhere with industry best performance. Not to mention the MMST-AZx models are designed for fully autonomous operation, year round. A2Z MMST-AZ1QP provides a sample of the MMST-AZ1 series Solar Surveillance Trailer equipped with Four HD PTZ IP Cameras. Likewise high grade, primary components like 4G LTE to WiFi connectivity are also built-in by default, while other options such as Rugged NVR systems to countless device add-ons are all available. In fact, many are easily added even after purchase proving A2Z Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailers are far more than your simple security trailer. The A2Z MMST series Surveillance Trailers deliver longevity, high performance and competitive cost and are an ideal choice for project demands of the military, law enforcement, security companies, oil and power, construction, transit and beyond.

A2Z MMST-AZ1QP Series Main Features

  • 100% Stand-alone Solar Power System w/24/7, Year Round Continuous Operation (Systems Configured Per Region)
  • AZ1QP is a QUAD (4) HD Megapixel PTZ IP Camera System with Minimum 10x Zoom and optional higher zoom optics, IR, etc.
  • REMOVABLE MAST HEAD ("CAMERA HEAD") allows easy component exchange, storage, upgrades and service 
  • Optional A2Z Rugged ECO Linux NVR to Mini Rugged I-Series PC NVR Systems w/Windows & Open-Platform Software/VMS Support
  • NVR Solid State Drive (SSD) Storage options such as 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB etc.
  • Universal Cell Carrier Support via Rugged 4G LTE Router w/Integrated WIFI by Default
  • Optional Wireless Communications of all types including VSAT, 4.9GHz, 5GHz, 900MHz, etc.
  • MMST Unique Upright Manual Winch Mast System OR electric winch MAST, pneumatic MAST, MAST HEAD and various height options
  • Highly durable, Environmentally Sealed, Body/Equipment Enclosures including Aluminum/Steel Construction
  • Complete Frame, Body and MAST (Mechanical Winch MAST) feature Heavy Duty Steel Construction, Long-Term Industrial Paint & Powder Coat Finish 
  • DOT approved Lighting, Warning Stickers, Spare Tire, Levelling Jacks and more are all standard features.
  • Shore Power 110VAC Power Charging System on-board by default w/Generator, Fuel Cell, or other alternative energy power options.
  • Multiples of Anti-theft add-ons including wheel locks, removable tongue, GPS, Alarm Systems, sensors, etc. are offered.
  • True Modular Design with countless custom configurations available!
  • Manufactured in DFW Dallas-Fort Worth, Metroplex, Texas, United States.

A2Z MMST-AZ1QP series Technology:
The MMST-AZ1QP are Solar 4G Quad PTZ Surveillance Trailers outfitted with a selection of the latest camera options for 10x to 30x or beyond Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP Security Cameras. These are 1080P/2MP, 3MP and even 5MP High Definition PTZ IP Cameras that can be mixed, matched plus even include functions like embedded IR Illumination for stunning night vision or combos with Fixed Cameras. All integrated into a rugged LAN (network) almost always further equipped with a wireless communications method like hardened 4G LTE Router with WiFi connectivity the solutions deliver complete, mobile security systems. Limitless by design, the Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailers (MMST) from A2Z Security Cameras present cutting-edge surveillance systems lacking no applicable modern system features. Users can select from our Linux Embedded Recorders, Rugged PC NVRs with open-platform VMS support, sizeable solid state storage options and plenty more. Simply call our experts today and find out more about the unlimited amount of advanced technology options like Two Way Audio, LED Lighting, and Detection and Alarm systems. Call us today!

A2Z MMST-AZxx series Build:

The units are constructed as high powered solar trailers, equipped with a selection of telescoping MAST systems, Removable plus Exchangeable MAST heads (i.e. Device Head) to multiple PV Frames sizes and internal equipment enclosure configurations make the A2Z MMST line the finest in the industry. The Quality is superb for a highly competitive cost and the modular design is priceless ensuring your system can be adapted as needed. Military Grade / Industrial Grade Quick connects, premium cabling, heavy duty axle, DOT approved lighting, Spare Tire to steel frame, floor and more are still all standard features. Surveillance Trailer Color selections to custom agency logos or other custom features can all be requested.

A2Z MMST-AZ1QP Series Power Systems: 
By default the MMST-AZ1QP is our standard size, MMST Solar Powered Security Trailer that is built to operate continuously solely on Solar Power. Supporting a wide range of equipment combinations the MMST-AZ1x series can perform year round, nearly anywhere, without intervention. The A2Z Engineers carefully review each system for optimal power performance and for years A2Z solar powered solutions have delivered surveillance in every environment on multiple continents so you can rest assure A2Z has the experience you can rely on. Furthermore, all of the A2Z Solar Trailers Systems also include by default our 110V smart charging system allowing users to maintain battery banks while in storage or even power the system if so desired. In Fact, when it comes to power systems, A2Z MMST's likewise has even more options, like solar and generator combos, alternative fuel cell systems, to simply battery powered, 110V charged solutions. Contact our Friendly Experts today and find out more.

Last Updated October 12, 2015

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