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A2Z MMST-EZ3 Solar 4G 360 IR PTZ Security Trailer

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A2Z MMST-EZ series Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailers unveil a new line of top quality, high performing, compact plus competitively priced A2Z solar powered 4G 360 IR HD security trailers. Designed to offer diverse functionality, superb reliability and almost unlimited configurable options the MMST-EZ series is able to accommodate numerous mission objectives in most regions continuously and autonomously. Applications from construction site security to law enforcement uses like traffic or event monitoring and beyond are all easily achieved with powerful results. A2Z MMST-EZ Solar Security Trailers like other A2Z Security Cameras MMST series trailer solutions grant state-of-the-art surveillance and security, communications, power technology and more melded perfectly into high grade portable system solutions.

A2Z MMST-EZ3-3604D23PZ IR 360, PTZ & 4G Solar Security Trailer Base Features:

  • 100% Solar Powered Portable Security Trailer
  • All Steel Frame, DOT Approved Lighting, Lockable Equipment Enclosure, Levelling Jacks, HD Axles
  • Removable/Exchangeable Quick Cable Connect Mast Head (i.e. Top of Mast/Tower Device Head)
  • Default 20FT Upright Manual Winch Mechanical Mast with Nycoil and Quick Cable Connect Mast Top Junction Box 
  • 360 Degree Multi-MegaPixel (4MP x 4 = 16MP) Infrared Night Vision Video Coverage
  • Versatile 30x 100m IR 4 MegaPixel PTZ IP Camera enables powerful wide area surveillance
  • Removable ECO Linux 8ch NVR w/6TB Surveillance Class HDD Storage (Optional Rugged PC NVRs)
  • 4G LTE Communication and WiFi Connectivity w/Rugged Low Pro All-in-One Antenna
  • 110V Shore Power AC Operation, Re-charging and Storage Support
  • Complete Remote Monitoring including Motion Detection to Alerts via SMS Text or Email Notification
  • Remote Viewing with Web Browser and CMS Software on MAC and Windows Computers
  • Mobile Viewing with Smart Phones and Tablets such as Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Manufactured in DFW Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, United States
  • Base Color Scheme White with other colors optional

Popular Options and Add-ons:

  • Modular Design enables Removable, Exchangeable Device Heads for versatile in-field technology adaptability
  • Alternative Surveillance and Security Cameras like Fixed, PTZ, Thermal, License Plate Capture and more are offered
  • Alternate or expanded Wireless Communications including licensed and unlicensed Bands, Encryption Options and more 
  • Endless Device Add-ons including Microphones, Speakers, Detectors, Sirens, Alarms, Custom Wireless Relays plus more
  • Strobes to Fixed Spread High Brightness White Light LED Lighting including multiple lighting colors are available 
  • Multiple Telescopic MAST Heights of high grade pneumatic or mechanical Mast styles with added perks like optional internal cabling
  • Scalable Power Systems to remote power system monitoring
  • Multi-Layer Trailer Alarm Package including optional SMS/Email notification support

A2Z MMST-EZ3 IR 360 and PTZ Security Trailer Video Features:
Equipped with a total of five 4 Megapixel Security Cameras this MMST-EZ3-3604D23PZ base configuration boast a combined coverage of more than 360 degrees plus with powerful IR night vision the fixed camera array can create strict detection abilities to about 100 feet in all directions. Further enhanced for active surveillance the trailer's all new 4 Megapixel IR PTZ Camera delivers additional long range night vision abilities with precise, smooth operation plus superb video quality ensuring absolute user satisfaction and effectiveness. Cutting Edge compression like H.264 and even the latest H.265 is available for maximum efficiency while likewise higher megapixel imaging, more powerful IR night vision to added video Analytics are all accessible attributes with A2Z's MMST-EZ security trailers. Finally On-board fully functional, modernized Video Management and Recording solutions enable endless capabilities including Linux Recorders to open-platform rugged PC NVRs. Everything from intelligent detection and alert notifications to easy remote live viewing, search, and playback and export utilities are all supported in various forms. You can utilize your MAC or Windows PC for complete management via web browser or client CMS software while Apple or Android OS mobile devices like tablets or smart phones offer sleek mobile applications.

A2Z MMST-EZ3 Trailers give 4G, WiFi and more Wireless Communications:
The A2Z MMST-EZ3 is equipped with a universal 4G LTE and WiFi capable rugged router that offers advanced network management to optional cloud based administration of multiple units by default. As cellular communications continue to be a popular option for remote video monitoring the MMST-EZ series Security Trailer likewise offers even more cutting-edge technology choices. Such add-on Perks like Dual sim card enabled routers including multi-carrier support to high level network encryption options for the most demanding missions are all accessible with A2Z. Furthermore in addition to or alternatively A2Z Surveillance Trailers like the MMST-EZ can provide a full range of licensed and unlicensed Radio Frequency types allowing trailers to transmit directly into localized campus or even city wide wireless networks.

A2Z MMST-EZ3 Security Trailer Power and Construction:
A2Z MMST-EZ3 Series Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailers are a new generation of high quality, solar powered A2Z tactical surveillance and security trailers built with compact size, competitive cost plus superb craftsmanship. Designed to support a variety of technology packages continuously via solar power alone in most regions the A2Z MMST-EZ is maximum mobile solar power tower solution for the price. Outfitted with MPPT (maximum point power tracking) these solar power trailers grant efficient power generation yet by default likewise allow AC power operation including Smart Charging used typically for system storage or the most extreme deployments. The units are of course modular by concept and thus fully customizable before and after thanks to innovative design. High Grade Steel and Aluminum Construction, DOT lighting to Levelling Jacks and more are all standard features. Superior design is realized with removable exchangeable Mast Device Heads including Quick Connect Cabling System providing easy in-field sensory and communications adaptability. Similarly A2Z offers a wide range of telescoping pneumatic and mechanical Mast including various heights and types with award winning quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Backed by experts in numerous disciplines A2Z Security Cameras offers the finest selection.

Popular Applications:

  • Construction Site Security 
  • Remote Site Guarded Gate Management
  • Time-Lapse Video Production
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Truck or Vehicle Counting
  • Law Enforcement/Police Event Monitoring, City Surveillance 
  • Military, Homeland Security, Border Patrol
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Critical Infrastructure Sites
  • High Asset Monitoring 
  • Oil and Power Sites
  • Ports and Airports
  • Solar Farms

Last Updated October 4, 2016

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