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A2Z MMST-BGGRPT Ground Radar 4G PTZ Surveillance Trailer

  • A2Z MMST-BG Ground Radar 4G PTZ Surveillance Trailer
  • A2Z MMST-BG Surveillance Trailer Ground Radar Software Sample
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Product Description

A2Z MMST-BG Generator Powered Surveillance Trailer is a high grade mobile telescoping mast (or tower) platform for tactical, high-end technology deployments with high power draw. The MMST-BGGRPT as example is a super powered mobile surveillance trailer equipped with a Ground Radar System plus visible and or Thermal IR Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras creating a strict wide area coverage up to almost a mile out. This new level of high end, long range detection enables comprehensive site security allowing operators to easily identify and automatically track objects as well as achieve high-levels of self-automated task. Intelligent stand-alone operation like accurate detection coupled with effective alert notifications and instant live access form an impressive solution. The MMST-BG series may include the full selection of wireless communications possibilities not limited to redundant wireless platforms be it 4G Cellular, Satellite or other Radio Frequencies. Similarly these series of trailers may feature our most powerful Rugged CPU or PC NVR processing units to all kinds of other technology be it acoustic alert, public address, LED Lighting and beyond. Additionally this MMST-BG series grants the most diverse selection of Telescoping Mast like support for our Ultra Heavy Duty, Heavy Payload Electric Mechanical MAST it’s quickly clear the A2Z MMST-BG is designed to be a powerhouse.

A2Z MMST-BGGRPT Ground Radar 4G PTZ Surveillance Trailer Base Features:

  • Generator Powered Portable Security Trailer optional Extended Power Reserve, Solar Assist
  • High Grade Diesel Cummins Mobile Generator Default - Gas Optional - Battery Powered System Options
  • All Steel Frame, DOT Approved Lighting and Markers, Lockable Equipment Enclosure, Levelling Jacks, HD Axles
  • Removable/Exchangeable Quick Cable Connect Die-Cast Mast Head (i.e. Top of Mast/Tower Device Head)
  • Default 30FT Upright Manual Winch Mechanical Mast with Nycoil Basket, Nycoil & Quick Cable Connect Mast Top Box
  • Ground Radar Detector 120 Degree Spread with Detection Range measured in miles - Graphic IP based User Interface
  • Laser IR HD PTZ IP Camera - Optional, Custom Visible and/or Thermal PTZ Cameras to any level
  • Rugged open-platform PC NVR including Video Management Software
  • 4G LTE Communication and WiFi Connectivity w/Rugged Low Pro All-in-One Antenna
  • 110V Shore Power Operation, Re-charging* and Storage Support* (*for optional On-board Battery Banks)
  • Complete Remote Monitoring including Detection to Alerts via SMS Text or Email Notification
  • Remote Viewing with Web Browser and CMS Software on MAC and Windows Computers
  • Mobile Viewing with Smart Phones and Tablets such as Android, iPhone and iPad
  • Base Color Scheme Dark Grey with other color options
  • Manufactured in DFW Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Texas, United States
  • Contact our Experts to explore countless options and find the best configuration for you

Popular Applications:

  • Construction Site Security 
  • Remote Site Guarded Gate Management
  • Time-Lapse Video Production
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Truck or Vehicle Counting
  • Asset Tracking, Area Tracking
  • Law Enforcement/Police Event Monitoring, City Surveillance 
  • Military, Homeland Security, Border Patrol
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Critical Infrastructure Sites
  • High Asset Monitoring 
  • Oil and Power Sites
  • Ports and Airports
  • Solar Farms

A2Z MMST-BGGRPT Generator Power Security Trailer Sensors, Video and MORE:
The A2Z MMST-BG Generator Power Security Trailer is built to accommodate an almost unlimited combination of highly advanced, high powered, cutting-edge technology for re-active and especially active surveillance, security, detection, telemetry, tracking, wireless communications and more. As Example the MMST-BGGRPT build is outfitted with a state-of-the-art Ground Radar Solution granting a 120 degree spread and detection range measured in kilometers or miles from a single unit. Add three Radar units symmetrically to a single trailer and achieve outstanding 360 degree coverage including IP based User Interface for efficient wide area monitoring and Tracking. In addition, a selection of Visible HD Pan/Tilt/Zoom Security Cameras at up to supreme UHD 4K resolution to Custom Long Range Zoom PTZ units or even multi-sensor PTZs with all levels of thermal IR Imaging can be provided. Capable of stand-alone detection and alerts a built-in rugged open-platform PC NVR with versatile VMS support allows endless possibilities for sophisticated system design. All the standard demands of remote monitoring capabilities are richly provided with modern functions like live viewing, snapshot, time-line search, multi-channel playback and export via both MAC and Windows PCs. Likewise web browser to client CMS software and of course the latest mobile viewing applications for Android, iPhone or iPad are all accessible for maximum convenience. The user interface for Ground Radar and Visible/Thermal Surveillance Cameras deliver operators unmatched detection and tracking abilities with superior ease plus accuracy.

A2Z MMST-BG series Trailer Wireless Communications:
The A2Z Security Cameras MMST-BG series Generator Power Surveillance Trailers can support a variety of communications packages and even multiple, redundant communication technologies. A popular selection is 4G cellular or our Satellite system uplinks enabling remote communications from practically anywhere. Be it stand-alone operation or the demand for interoperability with existing Wireless Networks, the MMST-BG is built to adopt all types of Radio Frequency hardware for a perfect fit in any mission. A2Z Security Cameras goes even further and ensures high quality, Ruggedized solutions that offer functions like intuitive web interface or cloud management while further options from encryption to simply GPS support are all accessible. The A2Z MMST-BGGRPT-4G Generator Ground Radar PTZ Surveillance Trailer base package is outfitted with a 4G LTE and WiFi Communication package with universal carrier support. As technology improves, the MMST naturally improves and now even multi-carrier 4G units are just one more of countless new additions A2Z offers. In Fact, the MMST-BG Can act as a Communications Tower itself providing for emergency response to carrier grade redistributed wireless communications.

A2Z MMST-BG Series Generator Power Surveillance Trailers:
The A2Z Modular Mobile Surveillance Trailers (a.k.a. MMST) offers a diverse line of purpose built, fully portable, totally customizable equipment platforms that meld electronic, power and mechanical systems for a powerful remote unit. The MMST-BG series is an approximately 10ft All steel frame trailer including Steel and Aluminum Multi-Door Locking Enclosures, HD Axles, Levelling Jacks and of course a variety of Telescoping MAST options be it a pneumatic or mechanical A2Z has the finest selection. Superior Craftsmanship is recognized from top to bottom including anti-corrosive coatings to clean construction. Internally these MMST-BG series security trailers boast unique advantages including highly optimized power systems such as on-board mobile Generators from leading brands like Onan Cummins. A2Z further provides extended operation, self-automated power units with scalable battery banks, fuel tanks to even specialized generator units geared for maximum efficiency thus longevity between fuelling. Contact our Experts today to acquire the best in tactical trailers.

Last Updated October 4, 2016

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