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A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Portable Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Cameras - Battery, WiFi, 4G

  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Portable Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Cameras - Battery, WiFi, 4G IP and HD CCTV
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Portable Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera - Standard Model 2MP 30x IP in White
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera - Standard Model showing rear handle, cable quick connect and optional permanent mount anti-shock adapter
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera White on Carrying Case
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera White showing Magnets
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera White Shown on standard truck
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera White Close up shown magnetically attached on standard truck
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera Black IP model with integrated WiFi / 4G and Lithium Battery Magnetically attached on truck
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera Black IP model built-in WiFi / 4G and Lithium Battery Magnetically attached on truck alternate view
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Cameras - Standard IP and WiFi - 4G - Battery Equipped Models in Black side by side
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle IR HD PTZ Camera Black showing quick connect cable
  • A2Z QPTZ9 Quick Magnet Mount Mobile Vehicle WiFi 4G Battery IR HD PTZ IP Camera in Black with optional Network PTZ joystick Controller on Large Carrying Case
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Product Description

A2Z QPTZ9 series "Quick" Portable Vehicle HD/UHD PTZ Cameras are an innovative solution, specifically designed for rapid deployment and mobile surveillance, yet well suited for all types of project demands. What makes the QPTZ9 series special is a long list of unique qualities offered across a smalll range of proven camera casings integrated with a wide range of the latest in cutting edge technology options. There are versions including support for all the major standard formats like traditional CCTV, new HD CCTV formats or the most popular and advanced versions as network or IP based units. The latter IP camera types feature even further innovative hardware integration options such as internal battery power as well as on-board WiFi and/or 4G wireless connectivity for truly all-in-one remote video systems in the most compact form factor. These PTZ units remain compact even in their fully equipped wireless and battery powered versions while all models include unique perks like an easy to carry, sleekly designed built-in handle within the back of the camera head to aspects like integrated magnets on their base for rapid surface mounting on vehicles and  more. This rare magnetic mounting ability allows quick, rapid attachment to basically any flat magnetic surface especially such as a car, van or truck roof. This quick portability enables these solutions to deliver communications as in video, power, data, audio and/or controls be it via wireless on such equipped models or the provided quick connect cable which can easily be routed into a vehicle through a window in seconds. Obviously, the battery powered PTZ camera models with wireless attributes like WiFi or 4G cellular provide maximum convenience with totally stand-alone wireless use for hours. By default, the line of PTZs are equipped with 30x optical zoom and 1080P or 2-megapixel starlight sensors and effective IR Night Vision. Additional zoom lens and resolution configuration options allow even greater capabilities such as 4K (8MP) video or 33x Zoom are also available even further expanding QPTZ9's available options.  Countless advantages from True WDR and Electronic Image Stabilization to H.265 compression, intelligent Video Analytics, local storage and so on are all common (where relative i.e. IP vs CCTV). Weatherproof ready, the A2Z QPTZ9 series Pan-Tilt-Zoom is built robust with a full metal housing and rugged design to accommodate an unlimited number of mobile vehicle or portable applications including temporary or permanent installations.

A2Z QPTZ9 Series Superb Features:

  • - Starlight Low Light Megapixel Sensors - Default 2MP (Other Options including 3MP, 4MP, 5MP,. 8MP/4k available)
  • OPTIONAL Dual Sensor Visible & Thermal Infrared Imaging versions Available!
  • High Performing Full HD 1080p at 30fps and 60fps depending on Module Options
  • 30x Optical Zoom Default - Modules including another optical zoom available 20x, 25x, 33x, etc. 
  • Cutting Edge Compression Methods including H.265 and H.264
  • Integrated Lighting - Default 850nm 50~60m Infrared - Other options with MoQ i.e. White Light
  • Professional Pan Tilt Zoom function, High Speed, High Accuracy Movement, Supports Presets, Tours, Continuous 360 Pan, Extended Tilt Range below Horizon and more.
  • Rich Camera attributes rival common, modern PTZ surveillance or security cameras of the highest professional grades. 
  • On-Board Intelligence with advanced detection such as Video Analytics, Video Analysis, A.I. or Artificial Intelligence to rule based alarm notification (SMS & Email)
  • CCTV and HD CCTV Models for support of Traditional Analog Requirements to modern HD CCTV mobile recorders and more
  • Optional Full Function Web Browser Interface (live view, PTZ control, search, playback, export, etc.)
  • Optional Free Mobile Apps (Apple & Android) and PC or MAC CMS Software (IP Network Models only) on most versions
  • On-board Video Storage via Micro SD Card Slot up to 128GB, Some Options 256GB+ (IP Network Models Only)
  • Optional Integrated Lithium Battery Models for Stand-alone Operation with average duration of 6 to 8 hours depending on use (IP Network models ONLY)
  • Optional Integrated Wireless including WiFi or WiFi and Cellular 4G Enabled Models (IP Network models ONLY - 5G On some versions)
  • Outdoor-Ready IP66 Weatherproof, Full Metal Construction
  • Powerful Built-in Magnets in its base enable this PTZ to withstand vehicle speeds up to around 50mph on sturdy flat magnetic surfaces. (Magnets are Default on All Models, CCTV, HD CCTV and IP, magnetic performance varies per vehicle/placement/conditions)
  • Supplied with weatherproof (cam side) Quick Connect Cable of approx. 5ft or 15ft length to break out cable
  • Includes Anti-Shock Vibration Damper Permanent Mounting Adapter for Optional Use - Specialized A2Z Anti-vibration Mounts available
  • Optional Rugged Weatherproof Carrying Case 
  • Numerous other Optional Accessories/Functions such as Audio, RS-485 or Network PTZ Joystick Controllers, etc. 
  • Optional External Rugged Portable DC Power Cases for extended PTZ operation 24hrs, 48hrs, etc.
  • NEW available QPTZ9 4G WiFi Lithium Battery + Compact Tripod + Rugged Case Kit
  • Available as A2Z RWC Tactical Tripod Systems and otherwise for customized needs.
  • DC Voltage Input supported by all Models

High Performing Portable Video Surveillance:
The A2Z QPTZ9 series Portable PTZ Cameras provide cutting edge surveillance capabilities on the go. The device line offers endless possibilities for rapid deployment of powerful High Definition or even Ultra HD video backed by powerful pan, tilt and zoom to provide long range viewing in a low-profile build. Uses are limitless with everything from assisting in evidence collection or scene monitoring for Law Enforcement to enabling Infrastructure Inspection, Construction and Remote Site Monitoring, amateur astronomy or nature observation and so much more with a unique convenience. Be it for agency records, live broadcast or private entertainment the A2Z QPTZ9 delivers satisfying results. Users will find either via on-screen OSD (CCTV versions) or via Web Interface (IP versions) rich camera settings comparable to any modern pro-grade Pan-Tilt-Zoom allowing fine-tuned operation to specific applications. Additionally, camera performance is cutting edge for its class, offering the latest in ultra-low light viewing, including color at night to other enhancements like DNR, WDR, Defog or digital image stabilization.

Integrated or Stand-alone Operations:
As aforementioned, the QPTZ9 device line incorporates in its designs universal support by offering models that can operate via traditional analog signals and modern HD CCTV formats for connection to monitors or DVRs while IP video versions include attributes like support for ONVIF assuring maximum 3rd party system adaptability. High Efficiency Network Streaming for IP based models is granted thanks to the latest compression methods such as H.264 and H.265 while in other aspects diverse IT protocol support assures diverse system integration abilities as well as stand-alone perks and functions like RTSP streaming or P2P remote connections for easily achievable remote viewing. Despite their portable, quick deployment and even quick vehicle mount design these PTZs are a great choice for permanent installations too.

IP based models can provide the most advanced, most convenient, truly stand-alone versions that can operate totally wire free thanks to various wireless communication options and a built-in battery. On-board data storage (video and images) along with real-time controls, playback, export functions are all provided an easy interface from the local area via WiFi to 4G cellular communications with your carrier of choice (service not included) all promise agility not commonly found elsewhere.

This Small form factor PTZ fits endless portable and mobile applications and suites vehicles with quick or permanent mounting.

Vehicles including Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Buses, Fire & Command Trucks, SWAT Trucks to even ATVs, boats, Tripods and more.

Perfect for all kinds of applications including Surveillance, Security, Sports, Safety, Inspection, Survey, Photography and beyond.

Last Updated March 18, 2024

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