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A2Z Portable Tripod Wireless 4G IR PTZ Camera Systems

  • A2Z RWC Portable Tripod Remote Wireless 4G IR PTZ Camera System
  • A2Z RWC series Wireless Surveillance System rooftop mount example
  • A2Z Screenshot of CMS viewing four Wireless 4G Surveillance Systems
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Product Description

A2Z RWC-STIRPT Rapid Wireless IR HD PTZ Camera System is a conveniently portable, professional grade tactical video surveillance system perfect for a wide range of uses be it city rooftops to the remote wilderness. The RWC series Rapid Wireless Cameras include A2Z's modular concept and ensure the systems can incorporate all forms of the latest security, surveillance, wireless communications, power options, tactical mounts to beyond. The RWC-STIRPT model utilizes high performance IR PTZ HD Security Cameras, 4G LTE, WiFi and/or PTP/PTMP Wireless Transmission, Edge Recording, Remote Power systems and more. The RWC are fully integrated solutions with quick connect cabling, quick mount cases and portable tripod stands in a variety of combinations and specifications to meet nearly any demand. The RWC Portable Surveillance Systems are high performing with a heavy duty outdoor build totally ready for extreme weather while they are still simple enough and lightweight enough to deploy with one man in minutes. Contact the A2Z Experts today and learn more about the wide range of solutions we can provide.

A2Z RWC-STIRPT Main Features Default Kit:

  • 30X 300ft Infrared 1080P PTZ IP Camera w/64GB SD
  • Integrated Universal 4G LTE and WiFi Communications w/Rugged All-in-one Antenna
  • Complete Live Viewing, Search, Playback, Export Functions
  • Support for Two Way Audio and Alarm I/O (Devices Extra)
  • Full Function Monitoring via included Web Interface, Mobile Apps and CMS Client Software 
  • ST Series ECO Steel Tripod w/Approximate 10FT Deployed Height and 6FT Stowed Length 
  • Quick Connect Cabling System Approximate 15ft A2Z RWC-CBLP15
  • Intelligent Battery System with 2 Days Power Reserve (Upgrades Optional) 
  • Integrated AC Smart Charging/Operation plus 50Ft PWR Cord 
  • A2Z Remote Support

A2Z RWC Rapid Wireless Camera Systems over-view:

- All types, Single to Multiple Surveillance/Security Cameras optional (PTZ, Thermal IR, License Plate Capture, etc.)
- 1.3MP (720P), 2MP (1080P), 3MP, 4MP (2K), 5MP, 8MP (4K), 12MP+ Resolution Options
- Web Viewer Interface, Mobile Applications, and Remote Client CMS including Notifications, Live Viewing, Search, Playback, and Export
- ONVIF, RTSP, AES, FIPS and countless other IT standards/encryption methods included and/or available.
- All kinds of Wireless Communication options not limited to 4G LTE, WiFi, Satellite, MiMo 900 MHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz, and 4.9 GHz
- Simple Tripods to A2Z's Tactical Tripod with 19ft Pneumatic Telescoping Mast for Rapid Deployment
- Intelligent Power Systems - Battery Operated Minimum 2 Day Power Reserve All Systems, easily scalable to 5-7+ days
- A2Z's 110V AC Smart Charging Included allows recharge as well as continuous operation)
- Alternative Power and Operating Modes allow for Solar Power to Hot Swappable/Exchangeable Battery Banks for non-stop recording.
- Weatherproof, Complete Wireless Camera Systems with Tri-pod Stands, Outdoor Enclosures/Cases, Quick Connect Cabling System, etc.

A2Z System Samples of Main Parts:
Vast Selection of Video Surveillance to Security Cameras, Communications, Recorder Systems, Software etc.
Countless mounting solutions like ECO Tripods, Standard Tripods or Tripod with Pneumatic Telescoping Mast
Integrated Cabling System Including Weatherproof Quick Connects
A2Z Portable PWR System Battery Bank w/Integrated AC Smart Charging
Countless Add-On Options from Solar Power to Two Way Audio and Beyond.

Common Uses:
Military, Police/Law Enforcement
Construction Site Security
Oil and Power Site Security
Telecommunications Security
Community, Private and Public Event Security
City Wide Surveillance
Transit Monitoring
Wildlife Protection
Video Production/Photography

A2Z RWC Rapid Wireless Cameras - Devices:
A2Z RWC series Wireless IR PTZ Camera Systems are modular, adaptable, portable, wireless, self-powered surveillance systems offering the latest technology anywhere, fast. The units can incorporate practically any camera style, the RWC-STIRPT IR PTZ Camera versions provide numerous models for optical zoom range, Infrared capabilities to integrated video Analytics. Achieve High Definition formats like 1080P HD or even the new UHD 4K resolution with Megapixel imaging levels like 1.3MP, 2MP, 3MP, 4MP, 5MP, 6MP, 8MP, 12MP, etc. All sorts of supported devices alongside the surveillance cameras is optional, you can utilize I/O controlled LED Lighting, Two Way Audio, External, Illuminators, Detectors, Intelligent Video Recorders and more. With A2Z the possibilities are endless.

A2Z RWC Rapid Wireless Cameras - Connectivity:
A2Z RWC portable Wireless Surveillance Systems offer the full assortment of state-of-the-art wireless transmission options. The system can employ single to multiple wireless communications methods and in numerous network styles. The most popular configurations include 4G LTE cellular uplink, WiFi and MiMo Wireless PTP or PTMP connectivity. The RWC series and A2Z Experts are ready to support you in configuring simple to complex wireless camera deployments that all deliver portable, outdoor ready, rapid deployment including self-standing and self-powered designs. The 4G rugged router is universal for nearly any carrier in any country and a fully professional LAN/WAN management system is also provided. Alternatively or additionally the Point-To-Point (PTP) and Point-to-Multi-Point (PTMP) Wireless Communication options enable extensions of existing systems like mobile command units, campus to city wireless or simply your own private local area network. Tiered component options provide entry level to high-end communication packages helping you achieve a system that is an exact fit for performance and budget needs. Just Call the A2Z Experts today for help with selecting 4G LTE, WiFi, Satellite, MiMo 900 MHz, 3 GHz, 5 GHz, 4.9 GHz Public Safety, 11 GHz or other wireless transmission types.

A2Z RWC Rapid Wireless Security Camera Systems - Power:
A2Z has years of experience in deploying innovative power solutions of many types, sizes and in all kinds of environments throughout the world. The A2Z RWC Rapid Wireless Camera Systems by default employ an A2Z Intelligent battery system. Such battery powered RWC Wireless Camera Systems also include integrated smart charging and continuous operation via 110V AC input for optimal convenience and flexibility. The RWC battery powered solutions deliver a minimum standard of 2 Days (48 hours) reserve power run-time, most offer more by default with extended durations like 5-7+ days easily greatly extending stand-alone operation. Added advances like remote power system monitoring are all possible. If that is not enough, A2Z RWC units also offer hot swappable, exchangeable battery systems allowing non-stop video monitoring indefinitely, just quick connect a freshly charged battery case and take the other battery case off to be recharged. Evermore A2Z a leader in solar powered surveillance solutions offers customized solar power RWC series units for Rapid Portable Surveillance Systems that operate continuously and autonomously.

A2Z RWC Rapid Wireless Security Cameras Systems - Tripods/Mounts:
A2Z RWC Wireless Camera Systems are the industry's most modular, adaptable and capable remote surveillance systems. The RWC systems include a variety of mounting methods with the most common being tripod based mounts that can range from ultra-cost effective to our new age, tactical telescoping Pneumatic Mast Systems. The A2Z Tripod and Pneumatic Telescoping Mast are innovative, next generation solutions for rapidly deployable wireless surveillance systems. A2Z has solutions for applications such as ground to roof mount, side of pole or structure as well as custom deployments are all possible. Contact us to learn more, the A2Z Experts are ready to help you achieve your objective with stunning results.

Last Updated Feburary 16, 2016

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