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32ch DVR Digital Video Recorder

32 Channel DVR systems are among the largest pre-built and Linux Embedded Digital Video Recorders available. The DVR units includes a variety of designs including traditional styles and features. These solutions likewise vary in performance and capabilities like any DVR system.  The majority of video recorders today will offer H.264 video compression, higher frame rates to D1 or 4CIF resolution as common standards, while new more detailed CCTV solutions offering WD1 and 960H resolution are now produced. Real-time for a 32-channel DVR is 960fps, basically twice a 16 channel DVR at 480fps.  The 32ch DVR is a popular choice for affordable, high grade video surveillance systems. 

The latest 32 channel Digital Video Recorder or DVR models are now more powerful than ever. Not just higher resolution with WD1 or 960H standards, but complete remote monitoring via web browsers, client software, CMS and mobile viewing is widely supported. HD local viewing via HDMI TV outputs, Two Way Audio, superior on-board storage and far more possibilities for professional security camera systems are found.

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