Aimetis Symphony 16 channel PC NVR System

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  • Aimetis Symphony 16 channel PC NVR
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Aimetis Symphony PC-NVR-AS16 16 channel PC NVR system delivers compressive, highly powerful and truly intelligent IP video surveillance. As a complete software and hardware solution, this system offers pre-installed sixteen standard symphony IP Camera licenses for a ready to go solution. The Aimetis VMS provides users the next generation in advanced video security with innovative system management and highly effective design. Enjoy support for all the finest brands with hundreds of IP Cameras and Encoders integrated while ONVIF compliant to RTSP protocol streaming provide universal security system integration. Administrators enjoy a flexible licensing model enabling easy system growth on a per IP camera license basis, that is also unlimited in scale, able to mix and match with other Aimetis software license types and ultimately deliver highly modified Network video Recorders for the top tier in video security.

The Aimetis PC NVR system works as a server and client relationship. with no base cost or remote client software cost, the security cameras system maximum benefit to numerous users is unlimited. The Symphony Remote client is notably the most powerful client software ever created. Within a single GUI (Graphical User Interface) operators can easily achieve multiple functions such as simultaneous live viewing, playback, search to export procedures. Both simple and highly sophisticated system use is realized in a well-developed application for total system control from anywhere. Unlimited custom layouts and multi-view or carousel windows are selectable with every aspect of viewing layout including tools and multiple windows are configurable to user preference. In addition, this system includes Web browser and Mobile viewing (with mobile bridge pre-installed) for maximum versatility of monitoring needs.

Next Generation in intelligent system design is gained from the Aimetis NVR solution. Advanced system controls to Video Analytic search, rule based settings, alarm triggers and event notifications are all available in many forms. Complete Surveillance is accomplished with specialized support for a variety of key attributes from Fisheye 360 and 180 Panoramic Cameras, to common PTZ Cameras, two Way Audio and I/O communication are fully accessible. Support for ultra-high definition video streams for all kinds of megapixel security cameras, codec support also includes all the methods such as H264, MPEG4 or MJPEG. Find advantages on every part of the system, such as network attached storage support, granular user level security settings or convenient universal USB joystick control.

The Aimetis PC-NVR-AS16 PC based Network Video Recorder is designed to provide above standard performance. Both Desktop and Rackmount versions are available and each component used from chassis to processor is top tier. The NVR system is a windows 7 64-bit configuration, but options for other OS editions like Windows 8 is also supported. The PC NVR systems are scaled to provide optimal smooth system operation and include enough on-board power to accommodate future IP camera additions. Extended on-board storage options to built-in DVD / Blu Ray disc burner the system more than overs professional surveillance system requirements. Customized options are also offered for all sorts of specialized functions like Hot-Swap HDD bays. Experience a renowned leader in IP surveillance and contact us today for a Free Aimetis Software trial.

Aimetis Symphony PC-NVR-AS16 Main Features:

  • 16 Channel PC Based Network Video Recorder (Pre-Licensed Symphony Standard)
  • Supports Most Major Brands IP Cameras and Encoders including ONVIF Compliant Devices
  • Supports all industry compression methods MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264
  • Multiple language Interface with unlimited client connections
  • Completely customizable Client Interface with Multi-Monitor Support
  • Complete Multi-Layer Map and Camera Navigation
  • Complete PTZ Camera, Two Way Audio, and Joystick and I/O Control functions
  • Rule Based Event Trigger, Notification and Actions
  • Advanced video Analytic Search by Motion Detection
  • Configurable Security Profiles with User specific permissions
  • Symphony Client offers full NVR System management and monitoring
  • Live Display with Graphical Alarm based Timeline and Multiple Timeline viewing
  • Support for Web browser and Mobile Viewing* (Mobile Bridge License Included*)
  • Specialized IP cameras like Panoramic 180 and Fisheye 360-degree, thermal infrared and Pan/Tilt/Zoom supported
  • Intuitive interface for complete viewing, search, playback, export and configurations from a single windows
  • No Server or Client License Cost and Camera Licenses can be interchanged, mixed/matched, expanded or upgraded
  • Windows 8 64-bit Operating System (versions like Windows 7 optional)
  • Power i5 Series Process, 12GB RAM, and All High End video Card, Chassis, Hard Drives, etc.
  • High Capacity 20TB+ on-board storage and Efficient low noise design
  • HDMI High Definition Video Output with Multiple Monitor Support
  • Blu Ray/DVD Burner, USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Network Back-up/Export
  • Tower Version with optional Rackmount units available
  • Video Storage Drives optional or User Added
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