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A2Z MSS-LPR Mobile License Plate Recognition System

  • A2Z MSS-LPR Vehicle Mobile License Plate Reader | Recognition Systems
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Product Description

A2Z MSS-LPR Mobile License Plate Recognition Systems are fully customizable vehicle ALPR solutions primarily intended for law enforcement. Such modern mobile LPR systems provide an unparalleled tool for Police Agencies and have proven to deliver more efficient and effective police operations. A2Z Mobile LPR Systems include Cutting-edge software and hardware packages from industry leaders enabling game changing attributes such as real-time warrant alerts, GPS tagging, historic tracking to sophisticated database access, analysis and beyond. Vehicle ALPR Systems including a single HD License Plate Camera to multi-camera mobile LPR kits as well as unified multi-system management is all available. Contact the A2Z Experts today and find out more about how A2Z Mobile License Plate Readers empower optimal policing in a variety of task.

A2Z MSS-LPR Mobile License Plate Reader Systems:

  • High Speed, High Contrast License Plate Capture Plus Over-view
  • Rugged and Mobile Ready Fixed, Zoom or Movable "PTZ" License Plate Cameras
  • High Definition, Multiple Camera, Multiple Lane and Multiple Angle System Configurations
  • In-vehicle LPR or License Plate Recognition with Mobile Rugged PC Recording and Processing unit
  • Expandable Software License(s) for LPR Video Analytics, sold by Base plus Per Channel
  • Innovative "back-end" management licensing for centralized monitoring for Real-time Alerts of Hot list, Searchable Databases, Historic Evidence, GPS locating and more
  • Optimal Bandwidth for Wireless like 3G & 4G LTE, WiFi Base Station or other Wireless Network Connectivity
  • Perminent or Removable Mounting Options available including Install
  • All sorts of vehicles supported including cars, trucks, suvs, vans
  • Low Voltage Support with specialized power system options

Aid in Locating Stolen Vehicles
Aid in Locating Amber and Silver Alerts
Real-time Alert on Vehicle Plates with Warrants
GPS Plate Location Tagging, Databasing for Historical Search and Analysis

A2Z MSS-LPR Mobile License Plate Cameras:
A2Z Security Cameras offers purpose built, mobile LPR cameras delivering exceptional performance, ultra-rugged design and with minimal obtrusion. A2Z's True License Plate Capture (LPC) Cameras provide high contrast capture that overcomes the glare or washout headlights or tails cause standard surveillance cameras. This specific pro attribute ensures vivid plate clarity for superior license plate read accuracy even in challenging lighting. Applying multiple LPC Cameras to a vehicle allows a single police car, SUV, truck or otherwise to simultaneously capture and analyse multiple lanes of moving traffic or quickly search parked cars and more. Plate Capture Cameras are a critical part of LPR systems, intended purpose and end results so contact the A2Z Experts to help you select the perfect camera package.

A2Z MSS-LPR Mobile LPR System Hardware:
A2Z's rugged LPR Systems provide the full selection of core components to added accessories and customizations. Mobile ready and even up to MIL Grade Standard Video Processing units A2Z offers the full range of rugged recorder attributes including anti-vibration, anti-shock and extreme temperature ratings. Common HD Monitor Connections, SSD Drives, Open-Platform to integrated PoE Switch for easy IP Camera Support ensures seamless system integration. At A2Z Security Cameras you'll get Smart Power System design including adjustable Ignition Control to 4G LTE, WiFi and other communication options plus many more perks are all accessible for the best end-to-end mobile video LPR systems.  

A2Z MSS-LPR License Plate Recognition Software:
Referred to as Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), Numeric License Plate Recognition (NLPR) as well as License Plate Readers or simply LPR plus a few others all indicate an intelligent Video Analytic solution that analyses media like a real-time video source of license plates and then produces 123 and ABC character analysis to "automatically" read license plates. Today these LPR software solutions offer sophisticated capabilities that not only provide real-time operational efficiency but likewise help provide early warning to historic search capabilities that truly upgrade Law Enforcement efforts. In Fact, cutting edge License Plate Recognition Systems like those available from A2Z Security Cameras are so effective they have a become a common trade tool for the Tow Industry and a priceless asset for police departments. Modern License Plate Readers can scan thousands of plates in a few hours truly optimizing traffic stops by far more effectively locating stolen cars or otherwise alerting officers to wanted suspect vehicles. Instant Alerts, GPS tagging and beyond make such LPR solutions a true advantage to any law enforecement agency.  

Last Updated January 5, 2017

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