Bosch MIC-550 Infrared IR PTZ Camera

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  • Bosch MIC-550 Infrared IR PTZ Camera
  • Bosch MIC-550 Infrared IR PTZ Camera
  • Bosch MIC-550 Infrared IR PTZ Camera
  • Bosch MIC-550 Infrared IR PTZ Camera
  • Bosch MIC-550 Infrared IR PTZ Camera
  • Bosch MIC-550 Infrared IR PTZ Camera


Bosch MIC550 IR PTZ Camera is a cutting-edge Pan/tilt/Zoom system for video surveillance virtually anywhere, in any condition. Equipped with either a 28x or 36x optical Zoom and a True Day/Night function including dual integrated Infrared IR LED Illuminators provides long range IR Night Vision. The unit furthers image excellence with qualities like WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), Image Stabilization, SensUp, Privacy Masking and more. The Bosch MIC550 Infrared PTZ Camera is also highly unique in comparison to traditional style Pan/Tilt/Zoom Speed Dome Security Cameras and allows a wider range of PTZ movement, specifically above the horizon. The complete PTZ system is built in an ultra-weatherproof casing and countless accessories are available to meet any surveillance or security system’s needs.

Bosch MIC550 Infrared PTZ Cameras are the top tier in ultra-rugged, pre-built, PTZ surveillance systems. The continuous 360 degree pan, matched with 186 degrees of tilt and of course the optical zoom deliver flexibility unlike any other. Precision accuracy, quick speed to a slow crawl the camera features AutoPivot and AutoScaling for proportional Pan/Tilt/Zoom Control. Additionally a high number of preset positions and guard tours of two types is supported for complete user effectiveness. The surveillance systems superior versatility and high performing image quality combine to create a solution for every kind of installation. The Infrared Illuminators added to the MIC550 give absolute night vision allowing classification of Humans several hundred feet away (over 300ft) and detection of targets even further. Privacy Masking to OSD display is all built-in while accessories like a USB interface gives full control of settings and beneficial diagnostic tools.

Finally, on top of superb video surveillance performance and top tier PTZ Camera mechanism that are intelligently coupled together, the system ensures total environmental protection with a number of attributes. First off, the Bosch MIC PTZ is rated to NEMA 6P and IP68 weatherproof standards. The next is the fact the unit is not only totally submersible, but that each security camera is actually tested to be 100-percent leak proof prior to shipping. The high class design also features a specialized Aluminum finish that is familiar in the aerospace and defense industries for the highest level of corrosion resistance, the system also has a heavy powder coated finish for maximum protection in all regions, especially at sea. Extreme weather is also no challenge and the same goes for hot or cold with a best-in-class operating range. Ultimately, the Bosch MIC series PTZ Cameras are more than just one of the Bosch Flagships, they are an innovative, standard setting surveillance system for the entire security market.

Bosch MIC550 IR Main Features:

  • Exview HAD CCD with 550TVL
  • 36x or 28x Optical Zoom with 12x Digital Zoom
  • Dual Infrared IR LED Illuminators provide Night vision beyond 100 meters (328ft) Detection 150m (492ft) 3D IR technology
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), Image Stabilizer, SensUp, Gain, AGC, White Balance, Sodium Vapor White Balance, Privacy Masking
  • AutoPivot and AutoScaling Proportional Pan/Tilt/Zoom, 360-degree Continuous Pan, 186-degree tilt (upright), High Speed and Crawl, Precision Accuracy
  • Bilinx and Pelco P/D Protocol Support via RS-485, Preset Positions, Guard Tours (2 Types) and Sectors, 
  • Multi-Language On-Screen Display (OSD) - Software Diagnostic and Interface Adapter Options
  • IP Camera version with MIC IP IR Power Supply
  • Rugged Anti-Corrosion Construction with weatherproof IP68 rating
  • Extreme Temperature Range -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F) Humidity 0-100%
  • Integrated Wiper with optional Washer kits.
  • Security Locked in-field PTZ Canting Supported
  • Various Options & Accessories: Color, Bracket, Adapters, Control/Communication/Power Conversion, Power and DATA over Coax, etc.
  • Dimensions (W x H x D)
  • Upright or Inverted 399 x 355 x 178 mm (15.71 x 14.0 x 7.0 in.)
  • Canted 399 x 312 x 255 mm (15.71 x 12.3 x 10.0 in.)
  • Weight 7.75 kg (17.06 lbs) (with pitch circle diameter/PCD base)

28X NTSC Infrared PTZ Camera

Black Order number MIC-550IRB28N
White Order number MIC-550IRW28N

28X PAL Infrared PTZ Camera

Black Order number MIC-550IRB28P
Grey Order number MIC-550IRG28P Note*
White Order number MIC-550IRW28P

36X NTSC Infrared PTZ Camera

Black Order number MIC-550IRB36N
White Order number MIC-550IRW36N

36X PAL Infrared PTZ Camera

Black Order number MIC-550IRB36P
Grey Order number MIC-550IRG36P Note*
White Order number MIC-550IRW36P

Note: Grey color only available to some regions*


Bosch MIC Series PTZ Cables including PTZ Data, Power and Video

MIC Cable 2M
2 meter (6.56 ft.) Order number MIC-CABLE-2M
MIC Cable 10M
10 meter (32.81 ft.) Order number MIC-CABLE-10M
MIC Cable 20M
20 meter (62.62 ft.) Order number MIC-CABLE-20M
MIC Cable 25M
25 meter (82.02 ft.) Order number MIC-CABLE-25M

Bosch MIC IR Series PTZ Power Supplies:

24VAC IR MIC Power Supply
24 VAC, 50/60 Hz Order number MIC-IR-24PSU-UL
24VAC IR MIC Power Supply
115 VAC, 50/60 Hz Order number MIC-IR-115PSU-UL
24VAC IR MIC Power Supply
230 VAC, 50/60 Hz Order number MIC-IR-240PSU-UL

MIC Infrared IP-enabled Power Supply:

24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Order number MIC-IPIR-PS-24
115 VAC, 60 H, Order number MIC-IPIR-PS-115
230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Order number MIC-IPIR-PS-230

Mounting, Brackets, Other Accessories:

Conduit Adapters Deep 4-inch with PCD Base

Black Color (RAL9005) Order number MIC-DCA-BD
White Color (RAL9010) Order number MIC-DCA-WD
Grey Color (RAL 9006) Order number MIC-DCA-GD

Conduit Adapters Shallow for MIC-WMB, MIC-PMB, or MIC-SPR

Black (RAL9005) Order number MIC-SCA-BD
White (RAL9010) Order number MIC-SCA-WD
Grey (RAL9006) Order number MIC-SCA-GD

Aluminum Spreader Plates for Brick Type Surface Installation:

Black (RAL9005) Order number MIC-SPR-BD
White (RAL9010) Order number MIC-SPR-WD
Grey (RAL 9006) Order number MIC-SPR-GD

Corner Mounting Brackets:

Black (RAL9005) Order number MIC-CMB-BD
White (RAL9010) Order number MIC-CMB-WD
Grey (RAL 9006) Order number MIC-CMB-GD

Wall Mount Brackets:

Black (RAL9005) Order number MIC-WMB-BD
White (RAL9010) Order number MIC-WMB-WD
Grey (RAL9006) Order number MIC-WMB-GD

Pole Mounting Bracket: includes 2 x 17.9-inch stainless steel banding straps - for poles 2.95 to 5.7-inches wide)
Order number MIC-PMB

Biphase Converter for Non-IR and IR Power units without open expansion slots
Order number MIC-BP3

Alarm and Washer Pump Drive Card (8 Input Alarm Interface & washer pump drive card (Not for IR PSU)
Order number MIC-ALM

Washer Kit for IR Power Units only, (washer nozzle and mounting brackets for wall or 4 in. PCD)
Order number MIC-WKT-IR

USB to RS485 Signal Converter for PC interface (1 included with Camera)
Order number MICUSB485CVTR2

Cable USB to BNC adaptor
Order number VP-USB

VG4‑SFPSCKT Fiber Optic Ethernet Media Converter Kit
Order number VG4-SFPSCKT

Software Configuration Tool for Imaging Systems
Order number VP-CFGSFT

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