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Bosch Autodome 800 VG5-836-ECEV 1080P HD PTZ Dome Camera 20x IVA

  • Bosch Autodome 800 Series VG5-836-ECEV 1080P HD PTZ Dome Camera 20x zoom and IVA
  • Bosch Autodome 800 Series indoor without sun-shield
  • Bosch Autodome 800 Series HD PTZ includes Bosch IVA (intelligent Video Analysis) Video Analytics
  • Bosch Autodome 800 Series key features
  • Bosch Autodome 800 Series mounting diagram
  • Bosch Autodome 800 Series mounting diagram 2
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Bosch Autodome 800 HD Intelligent Tracking Object in Field (01:48)
Bosch Autodome 800 HD Intelligent Tracking Object in Field A2Z Security Cameras Call us at 855.376.6699 for all your questions Email us at sales@a2zsecuritycameras.com For all your needs for solar powered security camera systems click this link for our solar systems http://www.a2zsecuritycameras.com/solar-power-security-camera-systems.html AutoDome intelligent tracking is configured to track on Object in Field in a parking lot. The 1080p AutoDome 800 HD PTZ camera automatically detects and tracks the specific object of interest.
  • Bosch Autodome...
    Bosch Autodome 800 HD Intelligent Tracking Object in Field A2...
  • Bosch Autodome...
    Bosch Autodome 800 HD Intelligent Tracking Person of Interest...

Product Description

NOTICE: This product has been discontinued or is EOL - Please contact our Experts or search the category link below or other related categories.


Moved to EOL: February 25, 2020

Bosch Autodome 800 Series VG5-836-ECEV 1080P HD PTZ Dome Security Camera are a powerful solution built to adapt to any indoor or outdoor surveillance requirements. The Bosch Autodome 800 HD PTZ is a 2 Megapixel 1080P High Definition Pan/Tilt/Zoom Dome Style security camera that benefits the user with the latest advancements in HD Surveillance. Superb Real-time 30fps video streaming with MJPEG, JPEG, and H.264 codecs deliver the highest quality image clarity. The Bosch Autodome HD IP PTZ Cameras provide excellent 20x optical zoom in full HD and precision accuracy with high speed for Pan/Tilt/Zoom operation enable superior versatility. The Bosch AutoDome HD PTZ IP Cameras also include advanced image processing with attributes like WDR (wide dynamic range) and Sens-UP enabling absolute image clarity in the most challenging lighting.

The Bosch AutoDome VG5-836-ECEV HD PTZ Camera is packed with best in class features and innovative modular options make it perfect for nearly any indoor or outdoor installation. The Bosch VG5-836-ECEV Autodome HD PTZ also supports 99 preset positions and two different styles of guard tours. Preset Guard tours offer configurable dwell time between presets and record/playback guard tours record the exact movements of an operator for continuous tour playback. Bosch Autodome PTZ is likewise enhanced by ultra-fast or crawl speed movement in addition to continuous rotation, Auto pivot, Auto scaling and other advanced functions. The High Definition PTZ camera also includes many other professional qualities from digital I/O inputs to functions like superior privacy masking, advanced network functions and audio inputs.

The Bosch AutoDome 800 Series 1080P HD PTZ Camera is also equipped with Bosch IVA (intelligent video analytics) for features like automatic ptz tracking, loitering, advanced object detection, line crossing, and trajectories. The Bosch PTZ can be furthermore be configured with Fiber module and an assortment of mounting options. the unit is also ONVIF compliant making it an ideal choice even for third party IP Security Camera Systems.

Bosch Autodome 800 VG5-836-ECEV Main Features:

  • 30FPS Real-time 1080P HD Video Streaming
  • True Day/Night Operation with IR Cut-filter
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)and Sens Up for superior IP Surveillance in all lighting.
  • Bosch IVA provides Intelligent Auto Tracking that can detect and track moving objects.
  • Other IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis) or Video Analytics included.
  • High Speed Positioning, High Accuracy with superb Preset Support and Guard Tours.
  • Powerful 240x zoom (20x optical, 12x digital)
  • Quad video streaming allows simultaneous H.264, M-JPEG, and JPEG video codec streams
  • ONVIF conformant allows integration with other ONVIF complaint IP Camera Systems
  • Outdoor Weatherproof IP66 rated
  • 24VAC Power Supply Input
  • Supports Fiber Module and numerous other accessories
  • Complete Selection of Mounting Accessories

Bosch Autodome VG5-836-ECEV Technical Specifications

20x HD Day/Night Camera
Imager 1/2.8-in.-type CMOS
Number of Pixels Effective: Approximately 3.27 megapixels
Delivered: Approximately 2 megapixels
Aspect Ratio HD: 16:9
Lens 20x optical zoom,(4.7 to 94 mm)
Focus One-push (default), Automatic(normal, low), and Manual
Iris Automatic with manual override (F1.6 to F3.5)
Field of View
• 1080p Mode 2.9° (tele) to 55.4° (wide)
• 720p Mode 2.0 (tele) to 37.6 (wide)
Minimum Working Distance 10 mm (wide) to 150 mm (tele)
Automatic Gain Control Automatic/Manual (–3 to +28 dB, +2 dB steps/16 steps)
Synchronization Internal
Aperture Correction Adjustable sharpness
Digital Zoom 12x
Sensitivity (typical)1 30 IRE2 50 IRE2
Day Mode
Sens UP Off (1/30 [1/25] shutter);
High Sensitivity Off
0.8 lux (0.074 fc)
1.7 lux (0.158 fc)
Sens UP On, max. 0.04 lux 0.08 lux
(0.25 sec. shutter);
High Sensitivity On3
(0.004 fc)
(0.007 fc)
Night Mode
Sens UP Off (1/30 [1/25] shutter);
High Sensitivity Off
0.12 lux (0.011)
0.3 lux (0.028 fc)
SensUP On, max.
(0.25 sec. shutter);
High Sensitivity On3
0.005 lux (.0005 fc)
0.011 lux (.001 fc)
Electronic Shutter Speed (AES) 1/1 to 1/10000 s, 22 steps
Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) 86 dB (50 dB with WDR off)
Signal to Noise Ratio > 50 dB (AGC off)
Backlight Compensation On/Off
White Balance Auto, ATW, Indoor, Outdoor, Outdoor Auto, Sodium Vapor Lamp, One-push, Manual Day/Night Monochrome, Color, Auto
1. F1.6, maximum AGC. Normal light source (Halogen lamp).
2. Tinted bubble adds 0.8 f-stop loss.
3. Measured using ND1 + ND4 filters and recalculated with the transmission factor at 0.0025.
Software Control
Camera Setup/ Control
Via Internet Explorer Web browser version 7.0 or later, Bosch Configuration Manager or BVMS
Software Update Firmware upload
Standards H.264 (ISO/IEC 14496-10), M-JPEG, JPEG
Streaming Individually configurable streams in H.264 and
M-JPEG, configurable frame rate and bandwidth;
• 1080p30 One (1) H.264 1080p30 stream plus one (1)
M-JPEG and one (1) I-frame stream
• 720p60 One (1) H.264 720p60 stream plus one (1)
M-JPEG and one (1) I-frame stream
• 720p30 Two (2) independently configurable H.264 streams:
One (1) H.264 720p30 stream,
One (1) H.264 BP+ or H.264 MP SD stream, plus one (1) M-JPEG and one (1) I-frame stream
GOP Structure IP, IBP, IBBP
Data Rate 9.6 kbps to 6 Mbps
Overall IP Delay 240 ms
Resolutions (H x V) and Frame Rates
Stream 1
• Full HD/1080p 1920 x 1080, 30 ips
• HD/720p 1280 x 720, 60 ips
• HD/720p 1280 x 720, 30 ips
Stream 2-4
• SD/480p (WVGA)5 854 x 480, 30 ips
• SD/240p (WQVGA)5 432 x 240, 30 ips
4. Stream 1 must be set to 720p at 30 ips.
5. Images displayed in 16:9 aspect ratio.
SNMP, RTSP, 802.1x, iSCSI, DynDNS, UPnP
Advanced Networking
IPv6, QoS
Ethernet 10-Base T/100 Base-TX, auto-sensing, half/full duplex, RJ45
• Standard G.711, 8 kHz sampling rate L16, 16 kHz sampling rate AAC
• Signal-to Noise Ratio >50 dB
• Audio Streaming
Full Duplex / Half Duplex
Fiber Optic Specifications
Description Fiber Optic Ethernet Media Converter kit.
Requires a small form-factor pluggable (SFP) module (sold separately).
Data Interface Ethernet
Data Rate 10/100 Mbps
IEEE 802.3 Compliant
Full Duplex or Half Duplex Electrical Port
Full Duplex Optical Port
Compatible Receiver CNFE2MC
Installation Installed inside a VG4-A-PA0, VG4-A-PA1,
VG4-A-PA2, VG4-A-PSU1, or a VG4-A-PSU2
power supply box with supplied mounting hardware
SFP Modules
Description Interchangeable modules available for use with MMF or SMF optical fiber.
Data Interface Ethernet
Data Rate 10/100 Mbps
IEEE 802.3 Compliant
Mechanical Dimensions (LxWxH)
• SFP-2 and SFP-3 55.5 x 13.5 x 8.5 mm (2.2 x 0.5 x 0.3 in.)
• SFP-25, SFP-26 63.8 x 13.5 x 8.5 mm (2.5 x 0.5 x 0.3 in.)
Weight (all SFP modules) 0.23 kg (.05 lb.)
Type Connect or Wavelength (transmit/receive)
Max. Distance
SFP-2 MMF Duplex LC
1310nm /1310nm 2 km (1.2 miles)
SFP-3 SMF Duplex LC
1310 nm /1310 nm 20 km (12.4 miles)
SFP-2 5  MMF Single SC 1310 nm /1550 nm 2 km(1.2 miles)
SFP-2 6  MMF Single SC 1550 nm / 1310 nm 2 km(1.2 miles)
Fiber Compatibility
Optical Fiber Compatibility, MMF
50/125 µm MMF. For 50/125 µm fiber, subtract 4 dB from the specified optical budget value. Must meet or exceed fiber standard ITU-T G.651.
Optical Fiber Compatibility, SMF
8–10/125 µm SMF. Must meet or exceed fiber standard ITU-T G.652.
Optical Distance
Specified transmission distances are limited to the optical loss of the fiber and any additional loss introduced by connectors, splices, and patch panels. The modules are designed to operate over the entire optical loss budget range, so they do not require a minimum loss in order to operate.
Pan Range 360° cont.
Tilt Angle 18° above horizon
Variable Speed 0.1°/s-120°/s
Pre-position Speed Pan: 360°/s
Tilt: 100°/s
Preset Accuracy ± 0.1° typ.
Input Voltage 21-30 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption, typical
55 W / 60 VA or 19 W / 35 VA*
Without heater connected in power supply box for indoor applications.
Surge Suppression
Protection on Video
Peak current 10 kA (Gas Tube Arrester)
Protection on Audio
Peak current 10 A, peak power 300 W (8/20 µs)
Protection on RS-232/485
ESD protection ±15 KV human body model
Protection on Alarm Inputs
Peak current 17 A, peak power 300 W (8/20 µs)
Protection on Alarm Outputs
Peak current 2 A, peak power 300 W(8/20 µs)
Protection on Relay Outputs
Peak current 7.3 A, peak power 600 W (10/1000 µs)
Protection on Power Input (Dome)
Peak current 7.3 A, peak power 600 W (10/1000 µs)
Protection on Power Output
(Arm Power Supply) Peak current 21.4 A, peak power 1500 W
(10/1000 µs) 10/100 Ethernet
Data Lines
Peak current 14 A, peak power 200 W(8/20 µs)
Sectors/Titling 16 independent sectors with a 20-character title/sector
Masking 24 individually configurable privacy masks
Protocol Support Bosch (OSRD), ONVIF
Pre-positions 99, each with 20-character titles
Guard Tours Two (2) types of tours:
• Recorded tours – two (2), total duration 15 minutes
• Preset tour – one (1), consisting of up to 99 scenes, consecutively
Supported Languages English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, and Japanese
User Connections
Power, Camera 21-30 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power, Heater 21-30 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Video and Control RJ-45 100 Base-TX Ethernet
Alarm Inputs (2) Programmable for “normally open” or "normally closed"
Open Collector Output
(1) 32VDC@150 ma max
Audio Input Line Level (one way audio)
• Input Voltage 5.5 Vp-p max
• Impedance 9 Kohm typical
Design Rating IP66
Operating Temp. –45°C to 55°C (–49°F to 131°F) or –10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)8 HALT9
 Temp. Tests –70°C to 70°C (–94°F to 158°F)
Storage Temp. –45°C to 70°C (–49°F to 158°F)
Humidity 0% to 100% relative, condensing
8. Without heater connected in power supply box for indoor applications.
9. Highly Accelerated Life Tests. Maximum temperature limits.
Dimensions See dimensional drawings
• Indoor Pendant 2.88 kg (6.3 lb.)
• Outdoor Pendant 3.03 kg (6.68 lb.)
Bubble Size 153.1 mm (6.03 in.) diameter
Construction Material
• Housing Cast aluminum
• Bubble Acrylic (high-resolution)
Standard Color White (RAL9003)
Standard Finish Powder coated, sand finish
Bubble Pendant
Clear high-resolution acrylic VGA-BUBBLE-PCLA
Tinted high-resolution acrylic VGA-BUBBLE-PTIA
Pendant Arm Mounts
Wall Arm (No Transformer) VG4-A-PA0
Wall Arm (120/230 VAC Transformer) VG4-A-PA1 / VG4-A-PA2
Pendant Arm with Wiring VGA-PEND-ARM
Trim skirt for AutoDome Series Power Supplies VG4-A-TSKIRT
Optional Mounting Plates for Arm Mounts
Corner Mounting Plate VG4-A-9542
Mast (Pole) Mounting Plate VG4-A-9541
Pendant Pipe Mounts
Pipe Mount Cap VG4-A-9543
Pendant Roof Mounts
Roof (Parapet) Mount(VG4-A-9543 Pipe Mount Cap required. Available separately.)
Optional Mounting Plates for Roof Mounts
Flat Roof Adapter for Parapet Mount LTC 9230/01
Power Supplies
Outdoor Power Supply Box, no transformer VG4-A-PSU0
Outdoor Power Supply Box (120/230 VAC Transformer) VG4-A-PSU1 / VG4-A-PSU2
Fiber Optic Kit VG4-SFPSCKT

Certifications and Approvals
HD standards
• Complies with the SMPTE 274M-2008 Standard in:
– Resolution: 1920x1080
– Scan: Progressive
– Color representation: complies with ITU-R BT.709
– Aspect ratio: 16:9
– Frame rate: 25 and 30 frames/s
• Complies with the 296M-2001 Standard in:
– Resolution: 1280x720
– Scan: Progressive
– Color representation: complies with ITU-R BT.709
– Aspect ratio: 16:9
– Frame rate: 25, 30, 50 and 60 frames/s
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Complies with FCC Part 15, ICES-003, and CE regulations
Product Safety Complies with CE regulations, UL, CSA, EN, and IEC Standards
Weatherproofing IP66
Region Certification
Europe CE

Parts Included
Outdoor Pendant
1 Fully-assembled outdoor pendant housing with sunshield
1 Acrylic bubble, clear
• The pendant can be converted to an indoor pendant
by removing the sunshield.
• Mounting hardware and accessories are available

VG5-836-ECEV Outdoor 20x AutoDome 800 Series HD Camera with IVA, Clear Bubble, 50/60 Hz
Outdoor AutoDome 800 Series HD with IVA, 20x day/night, 50/60 Hz camera with clear bubble
Commercial Type No: VG5-836-ECEV

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