Bosch AutoDome 5000 36x PTZ Camera 960H VEZ-523-IW

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  • Bosch AutoDome 5000 VEZ-523 36x PTZ Camera 720TVL 960H
  • Bosch AutoDome 5000 VEZ-523 PTZ Series indoor and outdoor dome shown


Bosch AutoDome 5000 VEZ-523-IWCR and VEZ-523-IWTR 36x PTZ Camera provides the latest in 960H CCTV video surveillance with stunning performance. Developed with state-of-the-art high resolution CCTV image sensors, the PTZ offers 720TVL premium video clarity with excellent day/night performance including SensUp, Added benefits from DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) to WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) qualities ensuring absolutely optimal imaging in even the most challenging lighting. The units are indoor models including the speed dome pendant style design and a variety of optional install methods. This new Bosch AutoDome PTZ Camera is equipped with 36x optical zoom and yields precision, high speed movement for professional surveillance systems.

The unit is equipped with numerous perks like multi-protocol RS-485 communications for Bosch OSRD and Pelco D/P protocols for universal system integration. All the pro-grade features including Preset Position, Guard Tours, AutoPan, Image Flip and more allow PTZ camera control of the highest satisfaction. More standard options like I/O interface, 20-zone Privacy Masking and even Motion Detection allow sophisticated security camera system deployments. In all ways the PTZ provides a familiar Autodome experience with seemingly upgraded design focused on performance and efficiency.

Bosch VEZ-523-IWCR and VEZ-523-IWTR AutoDome 960H PTZ Camera is the perfect speed dome for indoor video surveillance. Featuring a rugged bubble in clear (IWCR) or tinted (IWTR) these units are in a pendant style construction and optional accessories can support ceiling, wall, pole and recessed mounting. The 720TVL PTZ Security Camera joins the next level 960H class CCTV surveillance systems and is an exceptional addition to the security market. Contact A2Z's Security Experts and find out more about which PTZ is best for you.

Bosch AutoDome 5000 Main Features:

  • 960H 1/4-inch Double Scan CCD 720TVL 
  • 432x zoom (36x 3.43mm – 120mm optical zoom, 12x digital)
  • True Day/Night Auto IR-Cut Filter Removal
  • - Color 0.1 lux, under F1.6
  • - B/W 0.01 lux, under F1.6
  • True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
  • Auto SensUp: OFF/2x-60x configurable
  • Digital Noise Reduction: 3DNR - 2DNR
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • 360 Degree Continuous Pan, 180 Degree Tilt, Presets, Tours, AutoPan, Flip, etc.
  • Precision Accuracy and High Speed Movement including Proportional Pan/Tilt and Zoom
  • Biphase and Pelco D/P RS-485 Communication
  • Advanced Privacy Masking and Multi-Language OSD
  • Aluminum Dome Casing Vandal Resistant Housing
  • Operating Temperature: Indoor Models 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) - Humidity 10% to 90% 
  • Input Voltage 24 VAC, 50/60 Hz PAL / NTSC
  • Power Consumption, typical: Indoor Models 20 Watts MAX without heater)
  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height) 
  • Indoor Model Diameter 208mm x 295.5mm (8.19 in. x 11.63 in.)
  • Weight: <3.3 kg (<8 lbs.)



Outdoor PAL PTZ clear rugged dome
Order number VEZ-513-EWCR

Outdoor NTSC PTZ clear rugged dome
Order number VEZ-523-EWCR

Outdoor PAL PTZ tinted rugged dome
Order number VEZ-513-EWT

Outdoor NTSC PTZ tinted rugged dome
Order number VEZ-523-EWTR


Indoor PAL PTZ clear rugged dome
Order number VEZ-513-IWCR

Indoor NTSC PTZ clear rugged dome
Order number VEZ-523-IWCR

Indoor PAL PTZ tinted rugged dome
Order number VEZ-513-IWTR

Indoor NTSC PTZ tinted rugged dome
Order number VEZ-523-IWTR


AUTODOME 5000 Wall Bracket Mount
Order number VEZ-A5-WL

AUTODOME 5000 Pipe Bracket Mount
Order number VEZ-A5-PP

AUTODOME 5000 Recessed In-ceiling Mount Kit
Order number VEZ-A5-IC

AUTODOME 5000 Corner Mount Adapter
Requires VEZ-A5-WL Wall Mount Bracket
Order number VDA-CMT-PTZDOME

AUTODOME 5000 Pole Mount Adapter
Requires VEZ-A5-WL Wall Mount Bracket

MIC-BP3 Biphase Converter
Biphase converter for Power Units without an Expansion Slot
Order number MIC-BP3

Indoor, 120VAC, 60 Hz Input; 24VAC, 50 VA Output
Order number UPA-2450-60

Indoor, 220VAC, 50 Hz Input; 24VAC, 50 VA Output
Order number UPA-2450-50

LTC 5136/51 AutoDome Joystick Keyboard System Controller 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Order number LTC 5136/51
LTC 5136/61 AutoDome Controller Joystick Keyboard System Controller 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Order number LTC 5136/61

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