Aimetis Symphony SYM-SV-SL-S NVR Software Standard

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  • Aimetis Symphony SYM-SV-SL-S NVR  Standard
  • Aimetis Symphony Software  VMS


Aimetis Symphony NVR Software SYM-SV-SL-S Standard is a best-in-class VMS (video Management Software) that excels in delivering intelligent IP video surveillance to modern network camera systems. Sold in three license levels, on a per IP camera basis and there is no software limitation on camera capacity. The Aimetis Symphony software license here is the Symphony Standard Camera License offering top tier video security that includes nearly all of the professional symphony license features. For more advanced features from multi-server management to the use of Aimetis core video Analytic intelligence, Aimetis Pro and Enterprise level licenses provide those functions. As another example of the unlimited and flexible nature of Aimetis core, Standard, Professional and Enterprise level Licenses can be mixed and matched on a single pc or server.

Symphony NVR Software was actually produced as an addition to world-class video analytics first developed by Aimetis. Today, the NVR software delivers an industry best solution to modern security camera systems of all types. Furthermore the solution is created as an open-platform application in which integration with third party, leading Access Control Systems and more has already been achieved. Aimetis Network Video Recorder Software is second to none, its highly malleable client software interface to in-depth functionality on every level proving its place as the number one choice for advanced surveillance systems.

The VMS Software runs as a superior server to client application which itself stands to be one of the most innovative, capable and effective remote clients ever produced. Everything including viewing, search, playback and export are all able to be achieved simultaneously from a single screen. The Symphony Client software further adapts to multi-screen display with no limitation on the number of display monitors. Single View, Multi-View, Carousels, Live, Playback, Search and navigation tools are configurable to user convenience for the ultimate in NVR software flexibility.

Software upgrade plans are available to keep users with the latest editions of major software versions and along with its scalable and flexible licensing, license can even be upgraded. Supporting but 64-bit and 32-bit Windows, versions including Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 as well as Server 2003 or Server 2008 are all supported. Users also benefit from web browser viewing or Mobile viewing with the mobile bridge license. Unlimited clients and unlimited camera per server is only the beginning of this highly intelligent IP surveillance software.

Aimetis Symphony Standard NVR License SYM-SV-SL-S Summary:

  • Sold as a Single (1) License per IP Camera
  • Installs on Standard IT Hardware and Windows OS
  • Supports Hundreds of IP Cameras and Encoders from Major Brands
  • ONVIF Compliance for universal IP Camera Installation
  • Supports all Major Codecs including MJPEG, MPEG4 and H.264
  • Supports Virtual Server, Local, On-camera or Network Recording
  • Multiple language Interface with unlimited client connections
  • Completely customizable Client Interface with Multi-Monitor Support
  • Complete Multi-Layer Map and Camera Navigation
  • Complete PTZ Camera, Two Way Audio, Joystick and I/O Control
  • Rule Based Settings and Event Triggers with Event Notification
  • Advanced video Analytic Search by Motion Detection
  • Configurable Security Profiles with User specific permissions
  • Symphony Client offers full NVR System management and monitoring
  • Graphical Alarm based Timeline and Multiple Timeline viewing
  • Support for Web browser and Mobile Viewing* (Mobile Bridge required*)
  • Support for specialized IP cameras like Panoramic 180 and fisheye 360-degree
  • Intuitive versatility for complete viewing, search, playback, export and configurations
  • Rule Based Settings with Alarm Reports, Notifications and Actions
  • No Server or Client License Cost and Camera Licenses can be interchanged, mixed/matched, expanded or upgraded
  • To Truly experience the power of Aimetis Symphony Software contact us for a free trial
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