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A2Z ISHS Interoperability Software/Hardware Solution

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  • A2Z Interoperability Emergency Preparedness Software/Hardware Solution
  • Interoperable Emergency Service Software Solution
  • Mobile Client Applications for Interoperability Emergency Communications Software
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A2Z Security Cameras Interoperability Solution was developed specifically to address homeland security and emergency service infrastructure needs. The solution is a combination of an advanced software application and hardware interface. Its absolute effectiveness has already been proven in critical markets such as specifically with first responders. The Software presents a truly unlimited scalability, allowing endless agencies to communicate on a single common platform, simultaneously and in real-time. The Client software provides Intelligence to Convenience that is immediately realized with its simplified matrix like capabilities syncing all various forms of media and communication to an easy to use graphical user interface.
The solution presents the cutting-edge in Emergency Preparedness and Interoperable Response by delivering cross agency communications and resource sharing for optimal incident management. The solution provides the first and only interoperable software and hardware package designed to provide maximum affordability, innovative flexibility and unlimited simultaneous user access. That means every agency and organization is able to cooperate through a single unified platform at each user’s discretion.

The intuitive solution provides telephone communications, voice, text, radio, video, data and more to all be bridged through an easy to use software interface. True versatility is delivered from desktop to mobile applications and hardware interface components allow organizations and agencies to employ all of their existing resources for superior cost savings. Contact A2Z Security Cameras today for more information on how we can help improve your safety and security operations.

MCCIS Solution Highlights:

  • True multi-media interoperable emergency communications platform
  • PC Desktop, Laptop and even Mobile Client Support
  • Hardware Interface Solutions Integrate Video, Data, VOIP, Radios and other Communications
  • Hosted on a Secure Network with Federal approved AES ciphers for end-to-end encryption
  • Users are authenticated using standards-based public-key cryptography
  • Peer-to-peer environment with individual user discretion of resource sharing and incident environment
  • Simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI) delivers innovative ease of use
  • Proven Mission Critical Solution with an affordable cost!

User Applications include:

All levels of local, state and federal government
Law enforcement/police, Fire and EMS
Medical Systems, Hospitals, humanitarian Aid
Critical infrastructure like utilities
Schools and universities
Mass transit, Airports, Ports and Transport, Shipping
Other highly valued community assets

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