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A2Z ACAH25CM+ACB016 Outdoor Security Camera Housing w/Mount

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A2Z ACAH25CM+ACB016 is a complete outdoor ready Security camera enclosure. The Camera housing utilizes a popular flip open style casing built from Aluminum and features a cable feed through bracket. The unit is perfect for installation in applications where extreme heat or cold is not an factor as this model does not include the Heater and Blower. The camera housing can also serve an excellent indoor enclosure for cameras installed in areas where dust, moisture and other elements could otherwise damage a camera without a housing. The ACAH25CM+ACB016 Camera housing has a medium size design which will accommodate most camera and lens combinations. Both CCTV, HD-SDI CCTV and IP Security Cameras are supported.

A2Z ACAH25CM+ACB016 Combo Features: 

  • Outdoor White Camera Housing 
  • Support CCTV, HD-SDI CCTV, and Network IP Security Cameras
  • Flip Open Type and Rear Locking Latch.
  • Weatherproof IP65+ Depending on Installation.
  • Includes ACB016 (Cable Feed Through Bracket Beige)
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