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8ch DVR Digital Video Recorder

8ch Digital Video Recorder or 8 channel DVR Systems are a leading choice for reliable CCTV Video Surveillance in medium sized systems. The units in this section are Linux based DVR Systems that are also often referred to as stand-alone DVRs. Therefore with purpose built design and ultra-stable Linux OS the Stand-alone 8ch Digital Video Recorder is top choice for reliable CCTV Video Security.  Most DVR system now employ the latest in advanced H.264 codec methods for optimized lower storage and more efficient video streaming. System performance varies but Real-time 240fps units and DVR able to provide the best CCTV Surveillance in Real-time 4CIF or D1 High Resolution are readily available.

Eight (8) Channel Digital Video Recorders and DVRs now offer even more features and less limitations than ever before. Superior single site management or multi-site, multiple DVR security camera systems are easily operated both locally or remotely. Sophisticated CMS Software Solutions to simple to use Remote Clients, Web Browser and Mobile Viewing are commonly available. Local monitoring capabilities of DVR Systems has further expanded with support for HD monitors via HDMI output and local operations through system controllers, keyboard, mouse, remote control and fully functional front panel is widely offered. Other popular benefits found in modern DVR Systems is support for Two Way Audio, DVD Writers,  USB ports, RS-485 PTZ control and POS applications. Whether it be a simple DVR solution or advanced unit with built-in Video Analytics A2Z Security Cameras offers the industry’s best selection.

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