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A2Z MCCT-EST Mobile Command Center Semi-Trailer

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A2Z MCCT-EST Mobile Command Center Semi-Trailer is our largest command center trailer solution featuring a fully enclosed and customized semi-trailer for the ultimate in mobile command, communications and emergency response operations. The MCC-EST Command Trailers provide the maximum amount of floor space with optional expanding sides for even larger work space options. The MCCT-EST is modular tactical operations trailers able to be customized to fit a variety of application needs. All conceivable designs for desktop work spaces, conference rooms, private offices, sleeping quarters, custom storage compartments, kitchens, bathrooms, equipment rooms are all frequently equipped options. The MCCT provides full equipment racks, adjustable rack shelves, internal LED lighting, insulated construction, high grade custom desktops, cabinets, walls, and flooring with complete HVAC for an environmentally controlled space. The MCCT-EST is the pinnacle of Mobile Command Center Trailers and the leading choice for emergency first responders, law enforcement, government agencies, disaster relief organizations, municipalities and many others. The MCCT-EST provides the full luxuries of any vehicle based solution with greater cost effectiveness, further customized options and focus on superior technology for optimal mission performance.
The MCCT-EST Mobile Command Semi-Trailer is a highly adaptable platform with a modular concept enabling endless technology, design and function modifications. The MCCT-EST designs likewise provide internal infrastructure including support for multiples of LED LCD Displays, network data ports, equipment racks, power connections and individual work spaces for easily more than fifteen people. Superior interoperability options help easily manage multiple technologies such as VSAT Auto-acquire Satellite Systems, Satellite TV, land hand radio, Public Safety Wireless Communications, Cellular Networks, WiFi and more! Additional sub-systems including CPU Servers, IP Surveillance Systems, Security Solutions, Detection Systems, GPS Location, Weather monitoring, PA System and more are all available. Other hardware options include pneumatic mast with modular mast head and removable device arms. Further provided are stair entry, leveling systems, high wattage generator options, external storage compartments, and custom paint and logo choices. The MCCT-EST is a powerful solution for highly sophisticated mobile communication and command centers, our experts are available to assist you in securing the perfect system for your needs.
A2Z MCCT-EST Mobile Command Center Semi-Trailer Main Features:

  • MCCT-EST Series Dual or Triple Axel Fully Enclosed Gooseneck Style Transport Command Semi-Trailer
  • Many options for Internal Work Stations, Conference Room, Small Kitchen, Bathroom, Sleeping Quarters, and all HVAC environmentally controlled
  • Complete with LED LCD Displays, Metal Desktop, Metal Overhead Cabinets, Chairs, Network, Media, Communications and Power outlets.
  • 40 Foot pneumatic mast system equipped with MCCT-MMH Modular Mast Head/Mast Arms
  • Nycoil Cabling System for Mast including CAT6, LMR, PWR Cabling, etc.
  • 1.2 Meter VSAT Auto Acquire Satellite System, Modem, LNB, BUC, GPS, Controller (hosted service option)
  • Supports multiple layers of Communications including Local WiFi, Public Safety Bands, Land Hand Radio, MESH, Cellular, 3G/4G, etc.
  • On-board 12,000 Watt Generator with High Capacity Fuel Tank including power transfer panel and shore power support
  • Support for all your VoIP Systems, Integrated Rugged or Standard CPU Systems, Network Devices, LCD LED Display Monitors and more.
  • On-board Exterior Area Lighting with Dual 500 Watt Quartz Lights (other lighting options available)
  • Modular Support for Additional Systems including Surveillance, Security & Detection Systems, Alert and PA Systems, Weather Systems, etc.
  • Standard Quality features with Steel frame construction, Heavy Duty Axles with Electronic Brakes, Stabilizing Jacks, Spare Tire, etc.
  • Fully Customized interior / exterior design options, Paint and Logo Schemes available
  • Remote Support Included and optional Maintenance Services provided
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