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A2Z MCCT-E16 16ft Mobile Command Center Trailer

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  • A2Z MCCT-E16 16ft Mobile Command Center Trailer
  • A2Z MCCT-E16 16ft Mobile Command Center Trailer drivers side
  • A2Z MCCT-E16 16ft Mobile Command Center Trailer Rear
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A2Z MCCT-E16 Mobile Command Center Trailer is our base level 16ft command trailer in our E Series "enclosed" Trailer line. The MCCT-E16 is a fully enclosed heavy duty dual axle trailer designed to deliver flexible bumper pull style transport even with common vehicles. A complete two internal workstations with metal desktop, LCD LED display monitors, overhead metal cabinets, black rubber flooring, and LED lighting with full size equipment rack are all standard features. The Mobile Command Center Trailer MCCT-E16 provides complete solutions for emergency response, disaster relief, mobile communication centers and other tactical operations. Our Mobile Command Center Trailers are developed to be a superior choice to single engine, typically over cost, vehicle embedded mobile command centers that are prone to engine breakdown. The trailers are built to the highest quality standards and investment is thus aimed more toward the lifesaving technology.
The MCCT-E16 Trailer is equipped with a 40 foot pneumatic mast including dual air compressors, Nycoil cable, and a customized mast head. Supported by the Mast are removable antenna/device arms and similar modular attributes for equipment additions can be found in the design. The MCCT-E16 Trailer unit is further able to be outfitted with VSAT auto acquire satellite systems, land mobile radios and all other types of media and wireless communications including public safety, MESH, cellular, 3G/4G or otherwise. A full array of technology including interoperability solutions for Media, Data, VoIP, Video Surveillance, Detection Systems, Wireless Communications and other intelligent systems are all available. Standard Power options include shore power connection or stand-alone operation via on-board 12,000 Watt Generator with high capacity fuel tank and power transfer panel. The MCCT-E16 Trailers also include a heating and AC unit, walk able roof with access ladder, side access door with window and rear fold down ramp for multi-purpose use. Complete DOT lighting package, custom paint options, spare tire and additional security features are also all achievable.

A2Z MCCT-E16 Mobile Command Center Trailer Main Features:

  • 16 Foot MCCT Dual Axle Fully Enclosed Tow Behind Command Trailer
  • Two Interior Work Stations environmentally controlled with roof mount Heating and AC unit.
  • Complete with LED LCD Displays, Metal Desktop, Metal Overhead Cabinets, Chairs, Network, Media, Communications and Power outlets.
  • 40 Foot pneumatic mast system equipped with MCCT-MMH Modular Mast Head/Mast Arms
  • Nycoil Cabling System for Mast including CAT6, LMR, PWR Cabling, etc.
  • 1.2 Meter VSAT Auto Acquire Satellite System, Modem, LNB, BUC, GPS, Controller (hosted service option)
  • Supports multiple layers of Communications including Local WiFi, Public Safety Bands, Land Hand Radio, MESH, Cellular, 3G/4G, etc.
  • On-board 12,000 Watt Generator with High Capacity Fuel Tank including power transfer panel and shore power support
  • Support for all your VoIP Systems, Integrated Rugged or Standard CPU Systems, Network Devices, LCD LED Display Monitors and more.
  • On-board Exterior Area Lighting with Dual 500 Watt Quartz Lights (other lighting options available)
  • Modular Support for Additional Systems including Surveillance, Security & Detection Systems, Alert and PA Systems, Weather Systems, etc.
  • Standard Quality features with Steel frame construction, Heavy Duty Axles with Electronic Brakes, Stabilizing Jacks, Spare Tire, etc.
  • Fully Customized interior / exterior design options, Paint and Logo Schemes available
  • Remote Support Included and optional Maintenance Services provided
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