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A2Z MCIAS Mobile Command Inflatable Air Shelter

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  • A2Z MCIAS Inflatable Air Shelter Mobile Command Tent
  • A2Z MCIAS Inflatable Air Shelte - Equipped Mobile Operations Center
  • A2Z MCIAS Inflatable Air Shelter Medium size stand-alone tents
  • A2Z MCIAS Mobile Command Inflatable Air Shelter for Vehicles, SUVs, VANS
  • A2Z MCIAS Inflatable Air Shelter for Emergency Trailer
  • A2Z MCIAS Mobile Command Interior of Inflatable Air Shelter
  • A2Z MCIAS Tactical Inflatable Air Shelter - Trailer Version
  • A2Z MCIAS Interior of Tactical Inflatable Air Shelter with command trailer
  • A2Z MCIAS One Side of Inflatable Air Shelter attached to tactical trailer
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A2Z MCIAS series Inflatable Air Shelters are the ideal solution providing quickly deployable workspaces for small or large and fully mobile emergency service needs. Our Inflatable Shelters are available in stand-alone small to large models to custom solutions for emergency vehicles, command trailers or otherwise. The Inflatable Tents 100 percent American made, including superior materials and structural design from the industry's best. Also equipped with a variety of specialized pumps, HVAC (heating, venting, and cooling) solutions to LED lighting create a total operation center for specific or multi-purpose use.

These inflatable tents are developed and manufactured specifically emergency services. Years of proven use in the toughest environmental conditions including severe weather and high wind. The Inflatable Air Shelters are built to maintain under low pressure, yet are Airtight for weeks of use without requiring inflation. The units are built in a single piece, inflate in minutes for any size and are available in a variety of colors and styles.

The Inflatable Air Shelters enable the perfect modular mobile command solution for all types of operations including those for Police, Law Enforcement, and Medical, Fire fighters, Guard, Military and more. Countless organizations from homeland security to humanitarian aid benefit from the simplified setup and reliable base these solutions ensure. Establish everything from a medical triage to surveillance and command post. Contact us today to help find the best solution for your emergency preparedness or tactical operations.

Some Product highlights:

  • Inflatable Air Shelter (TENT) System that does not require constant inflation
  • Airtight design allows weeks of operation without inflation.
  • Numerous Designs, including Small to Large Shelters.
  • Optional Made to Specification with Tent Designs for Modular Connectivity
  • Stand-alone, vehicle/trailer paired, specialized, multi-tent connect
  • Super reliable and nearly indestructible
  • Simplified, Almost Automatic 1 minute deployment
  • The ability to deploy under extreme weather conditions (for critical event use!)
  • Light weight, single piece construction for easy storage
  • 5 Year Warranty with Training/Support Included
  • Available in multiple colors and made 100% in the U.S.A.
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