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Messoa SLI070HB+SAB754 Vandal Infrared IR Security Camera Housing w/Mount

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Messoa SLI070HB+SAB754 Infrared IR Security Camera Housing is a complete outdoor weatherproof camera enclosure with IP66 and solid die-cast aluminum construction. The Messoa Outdoor IR Camera housing delivers up to 70M (230 ft.) of 850nm IR illumination. This camera housing has enough space and a wide angle IR spread ideal for most Day/Night Camera and lens combinations. The unit is a side-opening, vandal-proof housing also featuring a 6mm Tempered glass and is resistant to both salt water and high impacts. The SLI070HB+ IR Security Camera Enclosure combo also features the Messoa Cable feed-through bracket for a completely protected outdoor installation. Additional sun-shield and mounting brackets are available to better adapt to security system install requirements. The Security Camera housing also includes a built-in Heater with Blower for extended operating temperature and utilizes 24VAC power input.

Messoa SLI070HB+SAB754 Combo Main Features

• IR Infrared On-board LED lighting effective to 70m (230ft)
• IR LED Illumination Wide Angle 50 Degree Spread (96 850nm IR LED Units)
• Weatherproof with Waterproof IP66 rating
• Built-in Heater and Blower
• Side opening, easy to install camera
• 6mm tempered glass viewing window
• Die-cast aluminum, resistant to impacts
• Resistant to salt damage and coated in White Color
• Sturdy joint with 25 kg (55lb.) load rating
• 24VAC Power Input 35 Watts Max Draw
• Dimensions (HxDxW) 172 x 144 x 114 mm
• Recommended Camera plus Lens size less than 210x70x90mm
• Operating Temperature -30C (-22F) ~ 50C (122F) / Humidity 90% RH (max)
• Internal cable management with cable feed through bracket included for complete solution
• Available accessories: sunshield, brackets, mount adaptor (corner, ceiling, and pole)

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